Top 20 Best Selling Manga Series (August 2021), Tokyo Revengers Dominates with 4.2 Million Copies

Tokyo Revengers has continued its reign across the Oricon charts as it once again has taken the first spot for the best-selling manga series of the month selling an insane amount of 4.2 million copies in the month of August. 

The Tokyo Revengers manga series has now sold more than 18 million copies in this fiscal year. It is also interesting to note that Tokyo Revengers had only sold 2.7 million copies between the first four months of the year but went on to sell more than 15 million copies in the next four months.

My Hero Academia places second in the list with the release of its Volume 31. My Hero Academia Volume 31 sold 634,347 copies within its first four weeks of release, which is the biggest ever debut for a My Hero Academia volume. The My Hero Academia manga’s backlogs have also been doing extremely well as it has gotten a boost from the anime airing its pivotal My Villain Academia arc. The backlogs sold over 700,000 copies in the month, putting the August total for My Hero Academia to 1,351,734 copies.

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Another new Jump entry in the list came in the form of Dr. Stone, which sold over 230,000 copies with the release of its Volume 22. Dr. Stone also had impressive backlogs sell of over 180,000 copies.

Blue Lock was also able to break into the Top 5 with the release of its latest volume and the announcement for its TV anime by Studio 8bit. The series sold 375,654 copies, and this seems to just be a glimpse of what is about to come with the release of the anime, maybe we have got another Tokyo Revengers situation here. If it is to follow the same trajectory as Tokyo Revengers then Kodansha might just have something special in their hands with this batch of new-gen manga from Weekly Shonen Magazine, and they might just finally be able to properly compete with Shueisha.


The first half of the list also include beloved popular manga series’ such as Kaguya-Sama, Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun, and Kingdom, all of whom have recently released a new volume (it should be noted that Kingdom Volume 62 came out in the latter half of July, but it’s Kingdom, it’s always having a solid run).

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While backlogs of popular Jump favorites such as Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer, and Haikyuu have continued to pull off big numbers to nobody’s surprise, landing all three of them into the Top 10.

Mashle is 11th on the list and the second best-selling manga series of August which doesn’t have an anime adaptation (sadly, Kingdom still doesn’t count). Mashle sold 256,331 copies, with its Volume 7 selling 156,963 copies.

Following Mashle is another new manga series that was the runner-up of Next Manga Awards 2021 (Printed Section), Uma Musume Cinderella Grey, the series sold 245,535 copies in August and ranked 12th on the list. The winner of the Next Manga Awards 2021 (Printed Section), Oshi no Ko, was the 18th best-selling manga series of August 2021.

The bottom half of the list also sees some big names as Dragon Ball Super sold 225,907 copies and ranked 14th in the list, while Grand Blue sold 200,379 copies and Black Lagoon sold 184,498 copies taking the last two spots respectively.

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Shueisha took 12 spots out of the 20 this month while Kodansha had their hands on 4 as they continue to hold the first spot.

Top 20 Best-Selling Manga Series of August 2021:

  1. Tokyo Revengers; 4,275,686
  2. My Hero Academia; 1,351,734
  3. Jujutsu Kaisen; 597,757
  4. Dr. Stone; 418,476
  5. Blue Lock; 375,654
  6. Demon Slayer; 319,714
  7. Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun: 292,512
  8. Haikyuu; 290,176
  9. Kaguya-Sama;  285,669
  10. Kingdom; 268,375
  11. Mashle; 256,331
  12. Uma Musume Cinderella Grey; 245,535
  13. Honey Lemon Soda; 233,121
  14. Dragon Ball Super; 225,907
  15. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun; 222,449
  16. Mystery to Iunakare; 219,659
  17. Attack on Titan; 217,246
  18. Oshi no Ko; 211,303
  19. Grand Blue; 200,379
  20. Black Lagoon; 184,498.

Source: Oricon Charts

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