[POLL: Best Superhero TV Show of 2021] Superman and Lois and My Hero Academia Fight for the Top while Loki struggles

We are almost done with the first half of the year and we have seen some truly fantastic superhero and comic-book TV shows throughout the year across all the big league streaming services. Other than the sloppy job The CW has done with their Arrowverse Shows (with the exception of the amazing Superman and Lois and hilarious Legends of Tomorrow), it is truly an exciting time to be both TV as well as a superhero junkie.

Marvel managed to surpass people’s expectations with WandaVision and followed through with another great character-driven superhero story in the form of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. And now we are three episodes in with Loki, the hype is immense. It has been a treat for both Marvel and Loki fans to see Tom Hiddleston on their screens again, and the constant twists and turns alongside his chemistry with Owen Wilson has quickly made the series a must-see.

Meanwhile, Invincible was a breakout hit that featured some truly brilliant writing alongside a fabulous cast of voice actors. And even though DC superheroes have been falling behind, Superman and Lois has just been surpassing itself with every single episode, leaving the show’s massive shock factor aside, the writing in the series just feels too good for a CW show. The series composition is cinematic and the entire cast has been hammering their roles.

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After a slow start, My Hero Academia is picking things up fast with its recent episodes as well. And now we are into the much-awaited villain arc for the anime which is said to be one of the manga’s best and boldest arc to date.

We are very excited to see which show prevails as our Best Superhero TV Show of 2021. Will it be the ongoing Superman and Lois or My Hero Academia? Or will it be Loki which is halfway through the series already? Vote for your choice for the Best Superhero TV show of the year so far below.

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