The Flash Ratings Hits Viewers High of 10 Weeks Amidst the Imminent Godspeed Arrival

The Flash Season 7  has been a pretty rocky journey. After the series hit ratings low of 641,000 viewers with an incredibly low demo of 0.10 with the conclusion of its first arc of the season. It seemed like more and more people have been dropping the series but with the departure episode of Cisco (Carlos Valdes), The Flash Season 7 once again saw a glimmer of good news as 768,000 people tuned in to it while it managed to get an 18-49 demo rating of 0.20.

The streak of good news has only continued for The Flash as with the imminent arrival of Godspeed being teased continuously, the series has been gaining viewers instead of loosing a drastic amount every week.

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The Flash Ratings High: Episode 14 saw 806,000 people tuning in.

Episode 14 of the season titled ‘Rayo de Luz’ has continued the streak as it delivered the series’ most-watched episode in 10 weeks with a demo matching the episode of Cisco’s departure but also with a steady jump to 806,000 viewers.

The Flash has certainly managed to keep the momentum provided by Cisco going even with a filler episode focused on supporting characters and it might just win the fans who have been upset with the show’s trajectory back with Godspeed’s arrival.

It should be noted that the first five episodes of the season still remain the show’s strongest averaging 975,000 viewers live every week. And the season’s premiere managed almost a million viewers.

The Flash Season 6 averaged 1.26 million viewers during its run while the most-watched Arrowverse show right now is Superman and Lois with an average of 1.07 million viewers tuning in to the show every week. The numbers for Superman and Lois could be tripled with the streaming in The CW app which is not the case for The Flash ratings.

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