Top 10 Most Popular Manga of 2021; ...
Top 10 Most Popular Manga of 2021; Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer & More

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Dazai and His Search for the Meaning of Life

"It is a given that everything that is worth wanting will be lost the moment I obtain it. There's nothing worth pursuing at the cost of prolonging a life of suffering."

Top 15 Highest Selling Manga Series of 2021
(So Far)

Toru Oikawa: The Genius of the Ordinary

Moriarty the Patriot

Anime Spotlight: Spring 2021

 Moriarty the Patriot  (Production IG)

Choujin X

Manga Spotlight: Spring 2021

 Chojin X  (Sui Ishida)


 Bakuman (2010)

Anime Quote of the Month

Today might be the chance to grasp the chance to let your talent bloom. Maybe tomorrow, the day after, or next year… Maybe even when you’re thirty. I’m not sure if physique has anything to do with it, but if you think that it will never come, it probably never will.
Toru Oikawa
Toru Oikawa
Aoba Johsai

Highest Rated Anime on MAL This Season

Fruits Basket Season 3

- Fruits Basket: The Final,

- To Your Eternity,

- Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song, 8.49

Top Picks from r/anime for This Season

86 Anime

- 86,
Average Score/Upvotes: 4.67, 6.5K

- To Your Eternity,
Average Score/Upvotes: 4.71, 5.5K

- Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song,
Average Score/Upvotes: 4.78, 5K

Summer Anime
Anticipation Roundup:

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Top 50 Best Cute Anime Girls of All Time

Top 50 Best Cute Anime Girls of All Time

Anime is now more popular than ever, and the medium has slowly been becoming quite mainstream. Apart from the exciting and nuanced storytelling that many anime offer, something that catches...

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Throwback: Otaku Culture's Anime Playlist of Fall 2020!

Playlist: Fall Anime Playlist 2020

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