Haikyuu Manga has Sold an Insane 3.1 Million Copies since Season 4 Ended

The fourth season of the beloved shonen Haikyuu!! ended last December and left us all on a pretty f**king high note of a cliffhanger. While a large number of fans have been patiently waiting for the announcement of the fifth season so they can finally see the much-awaited battle at the trash heap, a huge number of fans have moved towards reading the manga.

The Haikyuu manga series has now sold a whopping 3.1 million copies in Japan just between the December of last year and this June. The manga is currently the ninth highest-selling manga series of 2021 so far in Japan even though volume 45 aka the final volume came out back in July 2020.

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Although, it’s not a big surprise that the manga is selling so well as it was consistently selling around 500,000 copies every month even after the manga ended but as soon as it had looked to be settled about in the 200k range, the new season of the anime gave it a massive boost as it had sold over 869,000 copies in December alone. And the streak has continued even in the current year as it has constantly managed to chart on Oricon often among the Top 15 Manga Series of the Month.

The Haikyuu manga series sold 725,805 copies in January alone.

The Haikyuu manga sold 725,805 copies in January while approximately selling 294,000 copies in February. The series continued its hot streak in the months to come selling over 425,000 and 265,000 copies respectively in March and April.

The manga also managed to rank 9th in Oricon Monthly Charts for May selling over 260,000 copies again and ranked 11th in June selling 245,030 copies.

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Haikyuu: To the Top’s second cour aired during the fall anime season in 2020 and aired the final episode of the season in December. The season featured Karasuno’s battle with the ultimate challengers of Volleyball, Inarizaki High, as they continue to rise to the top to win the Spring Inter-High Volleyball tournament.

Haikyuu was also the third biggest show on Twitter last year. The anime will most likely resume its flight to the top next year.


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