POLL: What’s the Worst Show on Arrowverse Right Now?

We can all agree that with the exception of Superman & Lois, and Legends of Tomorrow, the Arrowverse has been kinda s**t. I mean Batwoman was doomed from the start, Supergirl had a few decent seasons but even the budget looks like Power Rangers now and The Flash has been having its worst season to the date (yes, they topped Season 4) with the showrunner Eric Wallace at its helm and grade school writers on weed fueling the emo family and power of love bulls**t.

Honestly, it is kinda inspiring to see this common theme among all the CW shows regarding their writing, it inspires me that if somebody like them can make it to the big leagues, so can you! Anyway, today we ask you the big question, in the midst of the clusterf**k that is these shows, which one is truly the worst show on Arrowverse?

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