Top 10 Most Popular Anime of 2021 Around the World, Attack on Titan Tops the List

6. Naruto

Known to many as a cherished childhood pillar memory, Naruto has won hearts around the world with impressive consistency and credence. Flaunting a simplistic elegance through its grounded and inspirational characters, the anime plants its roots deep through a steadily paced progression.

With a bit of a melancholic undertone, the story captures the tale of Naruto Uzumaki; a lonesome boy shunned by his village with the dream to become a Hokage and be truly acknowledged for his existence by people.

Featuring an expansive domain credited with intimate lore personal to the dynamic of the series, the depth of the world-building celebrates the birth of an era dedicated to The Shinobu. The narrative advances, accompanied by stunning soundtracks as the plot unfolds to reveal characters through their development. 

Shaping an adventure the audience gets emotionally attached to and invested in. 

7. Boruto: Next Generations

Boruto: Most Popular Anime of 2021

On air and above 200 episodes in, Boruto: Next Generations is the 7th Most Popular Anime of 2021 around the world.

The series endows the legacy of the Naruto Saga into the naive, immature palms of their offsprings. While reaping the rewards of an established foundation earned from its predecessors, the show aspires to claim an imprint of its own with gradual progress and breakthroughs.

Embarking into a judicious character sketch of the protagonist- Boruto, the storyline outsets from his growth through the struggles of discovering his own identity separate from the looming shadow of his legendary father, Naruto, the 7th Hokage. 

Seasoned with occasionally fluid and vibrant animation following the narrative through some incredible combat sequences, Boruto: Next Generations engages the audience with spectacular ease progressively. Decent character developments arcs combined with a sneak-peak into the lives of some already beloved characters, the anime packs a pleasant punch for the fans of its predecessors. 

8. Black Clover 

Stepping into a world of magic, both metaphorically and virtually, Black Clover entwines together and introduces its audience to a realm of witchcraft & wizardry with deliberate attention to detail. 

A tale of determination, purpose, and commitment, the narrative traces the quest of the protagonist-Asta, on his aspiration to become the Wizard King! With a slow yet consistent pace, the story fleshes out to unravel eloquently layered characters and cast relationships, establishing a strong foundation for a meaningful experience. 

A steady climb into a well-structured series, Black Clover builds its reputation and popularity up from tedious and cliched to satisfactory and ‘worth-the-wait’ with its progressive excellence on all fronts through each proceeding episode. 

9. Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter: Most Popular Anime of 2021

A transcendent flame in the plethora of battle-shonen anime, Hunter x Hunter embodies the essence of profound story-telling, penetrating through its action sequences with prodigious ease. 

Embarking on an adventure brimming with the pathos of candid geniality and spirit, the series follows the journey of Gon and his friends, tracing their footsteps towards each of their intimate aspirations and goals through their struggles. 

The narrative artfully fleshes out and blooms into a poignant mosaic of diverse perspectives on ideas of love, war, humanity, true strength, and purpose. Building a vast world with intricately woven characters, the series transports its viewers into a fascinating pocket of contemplation in a gradually paced bittersweet climb.

Hunter x Hunter stands as the blueprint for many in the genre, lending a legacy to the community with its rich action scenes, narration, and character depths and designs. A true classic worth exploring. 

10. The Seven Deadly Sins

A neatly knit crochet of backstories building into refined characters that propel the narrative astutely, The Seven Deadly Sins plays into its name with expertise. 

An unnaturally notorious interpretation of the Deadly Sins, the story traces the journey of Elizabeth on a hunt to retrieve a disbanded order of legendary knights to save her kingdom. Introducing an amalgamation of quirky humour, some epic battle sequences in early seasons, and emotionally engaging narrative, the series envelopes the complexity of morally ambiguous characters with enviable ease. 

Illustrated with a soft and lively artstyle, the show sets an amicable, light-hearted atmosphere juxtaposing with the grim, darker tones of the plot to deliver a quaint balance for the mind. Dishing a delicate trove of stimulative entertainment. 

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It is also worth a note that the Global demand for anime has grown by over 118% within the past two years and it is the fastest-growing genre of media according to expert and industry insights from Parrot Analytics.

Amidst all of that, Attack on Titan was not only the Most Popular Anime of 2021 but was also the Most In-Demand TV Series around the world as well according to their reports.

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