The Haikyuu!! Movie has now Grossed Over a Record $125 Million Worldwide

The new Haikyuu!! movie has now grossed over $125 million worldwide, making it one of the most successful Japanese films in recent times and the Second Highest Grossing Sports Anime Film Ever, only behind last year’s The First Slam Dunk.

Haikyuu Movie has now Grossed Over $125 Million Worldwide

The film’s success has completely blown away any sort of expectations that early predictions or box office analysts had for the movie, and the outpouring show of love it has gotten across the world is only befitting of the title and the source material, which has over 60 million copies in circulation worldwide and has inspired and been a comfort anime and manga for millions around the world over the last decade.

The Haikyuu movie has grossed over 11 Billion Yen in Japan.

The Haikyuu movie has now grossed over a whooping 11 Billion Yen (70 Million USD) after more than 100 days at the box office domestically. The film is only the 18th film to achieve the feat of 10 Billion Yen at the domestic box office, which is just insane considering the early predictions had pegged the film to have a lifetime box office gross of around $25 million, while some said it would gross about $30 million at most at the domestic theatres.

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The Dumpster Battle has also grossed more than $10 million in Hong Kong and Taiwan collectively, alongside $7 million in the Philippines, $1.6 million in the Indonesian shores, and $4.9 million in South Korea.

The Haikyuu movie has debuted on Top in Mainland China.

The movie hit Mainland China this weekend and opened with a total of $9.8 million, topping the local box office despite only having a two-day long weekend.

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The Haikyuu movie also opened up with a box office total of over $3.6 million in the USA and has since grossed over $5.8 million so far in the North American circuit, alongside $1.4 million in Latin America. The Dumpster Battle has also made over $1.3 million in Europe, with Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom as its main markets in the continent so far.

The movie marks the long-awaited return of our beloved characters from the hit Jump anime after a hiatus of over three years. Its success over the last few months has been a further testament to the series’ impact and enduring popularity, with both the Haikyuu loyalists and casual moviegoers turning up in big numbers for this much-anticipated event that had been years in the making for the series.

Haikyuu Movie: Dumpster Battle Box Office

The Haikyuu!! movie opened with a record-breaking 2.23 Billion Yen (14.9 million dollars) in its debut three-day weekend and saw more than 1.529 million admissions, making it the 5th biggest debut for a Japanese film ever at the domestic box office.

Haikyuu!! The Movie Battle at the Garbage Dump also saw the Third Biggest Opening Day ever in terms of admissions as 418,379 people flocked to the theatres for the movie on its first day and was only behind Demon Slayer: Mugen Train (673,749 admissions) and Jujutsu Kaisen Movie 0 (498,962 admissions). The Haikyuu!! movie grossed almost $6 Million on its opening day, which is a mighty mighty feat.

The film’s demand and reception from both fans and critics alike have been remarkably positive, and the Haikyuu movie has seen over an estimated 7.5 million admissions in Japan so far. Fans have continued to give the movie an overwhelming amount of support and are still flocking to see the fated match between the Karasuno High and Nekoma in the decisive battle at the Garbage Dump, whether be it for the first time or the fifth, and with the quality of the consistent and inspiring story Furudate sensei’s manga has given us over the years, Haikyuu!! is absolutely deserving of this reception and then some. 


Haikyuu!! follows the story of Shoyo Hinata, a young boy who becomes inspired to play volleyball after watching a very successful player called The Little Giant, who has a similar build to him, on TV.

It’s a funny, exciting, and heartwarming tale of determination, teamwork, and the pursuit of winning the feeling of standing at the summit, but that probably doesn’t do it justice, as it is about so much more than that. All of its different characters carry on various themes and traits relatable to all of us, but perhaps if you had to sum up what Haikyuu!! is about, the most accurate description probably would be that it is about finding joy in what you are doing, it is about having fun with life and trying to give it what you can every day, and there’s really not a wonder why it resonates with so many people.

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All of the seasons of Haikyuu!! are currently streaming on Crunchyroll. And the Dumpster Battle Movie is out in theatres across the globe.

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