Attack on Titan Season 4 Finally Tops Japanese Weekly SVOD Charts

Attack on Titan Season 4 has finally become the Most Popular Anime in Japanese Streaming and VOD Services after Demon Slayer was on Top for 21 consecutive weeks.

Attack on Titan Season 4 is now not only the Most Popular Anime in the West but is also the Most Popular Anime in Japan as the anime has finally overthrown Demon Slayer from the top this week across Japanese Streaming Services after the latter had spent 21 consecutive weeks at the top of almost every single streaming service in Japan.

Demon Slayer, which concluded Season 2 of the anime with the climax of its Entertainment District Arc had been the Most Popular TV Show in Japanese Streaming Services since the premiere of the TV Version of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Train in October.

Attack on Titan Season 4: Most Popular Anime in the World 2022

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This is the first time Attack on Titan has been at the top of GEM Partners’ Weekly SVOD Services Popularity Charts since the commencement of the broadcast of Part 1 of the anime’s final season last year.

Attack on Titan Season 4 was also the Most In-Demand TV Show of 2021 globally.

Attack on Titan was also the Most In-Demand TV Show of 2021 around the world according to Parrot Analytics and their insights show that Season 4 still continues to be the Most In-Demand Anime every week in the United States ever since the premiere of Part 2 in January.

Escalating the stakes by tenfolds in the final season, the story depicts a haunting portrayal of racism, humanity, and the cycle of violence. With stakes higher than ever, confrontations that are bone-chilling and Isayama’s genius storytelling displaying an intricately woven concept where each plot point acts as a node knitting the story together. The anime is nothing less than a masterpiece and it hardly is a surprise why the series is so popular and so beloved by the mainstream audiences.



Attack on Titan Season 4: Most Popular Anime in the World


Attack on Titan Season 4 is the Most Popular Anime between both the male and female demographic and amongst the teenagers, young adults, and both people in their 20s and 30s right now while Demon Slayer Season 2 is still the Most Popular TV Show amongst the people in their 40s.

Part 2 of Attack on Titan: The Final Season will conclude on April 3, and although we don’t have any new information regarding a potential sequel just yet, this certainly won’t be the end of this decade-defining masterpiece.


WIT Studio’s passionate and enchanting adaptation of Ranking of Kings continues to be on the third spot. The series has simply been phenomenal delivering some truly spectacular episodes of television every single week. Ranking of Kings has slowly developed a huge following in Japan as the anime has left several big titles behind despite the fact that it is only available to stream exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

Doraemon is in the 4th spot following the inclusion of all 40 Doraemon movies in Amazon Prime Video’s library to commemorate the theatrical release of the new Doraemon Movie, Doraemon: Nobita’s Little Star Wars 2021 on March 4 while Jujutsu Kaisen goes down to the fifth spot.

My Dress-Up Darling has been the biggest new hit of the Winter 2022 anime season and is in the 6th place on the list. The manga series sold more than 75,000 copies last week, bringing its total for this fiscal year to an estimated 905,000 copies. The series is turning out to be the Most Succesful Romance hit since the anime adaptation of Rent-a-Girlfriend which went on to sell more than 2 million copies after the premiere of the anime.

The Bluray and DVD discs for My Dress-Up Darling are set to drop with special editions this Wednesday.

One Piece has gone down to the 7th spot as the anime aired its final episode before it is scheduled to go on an indefinite hiatus following an unfortunate hacking incident at Toei Animation where the culprits accessed the studio’s network and main website long enough to shut down several of its systems, which has resulted in the studio delaying several of its big titles such as One Piece and Digimon indefinitely. 

Detective Conan is in the 8th spot with some more recent releases taking the last two spots. Winter 2022 release Police in a Pod is in the penultimate place and Heike Monogatari is in the final position.

Police in a Pod is a seinen Slice of Life Comedy by Madhouse. The series follows Mai Kawai, a new police officer who only decided to take the job due to a desire to have a stable income. But as she becomes frustrated and disappointed with her boring career path, she decides to resign from the police force. On the day she planned to submit her resignation, she meets Seiko Fuji, who had been reassigned to serve as the director of her station.

Seiko’s dedication to the police force inspires Kawai and gives her fresh hope as she decides to delay her resignation and give her career as a police officer another shot. The series follows the two and other members of her police force solving crimes in their local area.

Police in a Pod previously won the 66th Shogakukan Manga Award in the general category for 2021 and is available to watch in Funimation around the world and Muse Asia in Southeast Asian countries.

Top 10 Most Popular Anime on Japanese SVOD services (March 5-March 11, 2022):

  1. Attack on Titan
  2. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
  3. Ranking of Kings
  4. Doraemon
  5. Jujutsu Kaisen
  6. My Dress-Up Darling
  7. One Piece
  8. Detective Conan
  9. Police in a Pod
  10. Heike Monogatari.

Source: GEM Partners

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