15 Most Popular Anime of September 2022: One Piece, Haikyuu and More

One Piece has remained the Most Popular Anime and TV Show in Japanese Streaming for a fifth consecutive week. Check out the complete list, which features SPY x FAMILY and Haikyuu.

One Piece has ranked as the Top-Most Watched TV Show in Japanese Streaming and VOD Services for a fifth consecutive week. The beloved anime series has been topping the rankings on streaming services across Japan ever since the release of One Piece Film: Red in August.

One Piece Red is now the 7th Biggest Japanese Film of All Time.

Most Popular Anime of September 2022: One Piece

One Piece Film: Red is not only the Highest-Grossing Film of 2022 in Japan so far, but the film has now also become the 7th Highest-Grossing Japanese Film Ever, surpassing Ponyo and making over 15.7 Billion Yen ($104 Million) after over 50 days at the Domestic Box Office.

The 15th film in the franchise has already seen over a whopping 10.72 million admissions and will be released in North America on the 4th of November.

According to Video Research Ltd., the One Piece anime has also been scoring significantly consistent ratings on Live TV since the film’s release and has seen an average of over 2.5 million viewers tuning in to the anime every week over the last two months.

The anime series has always been really popular in streaming services in Japan but has also benefitted heavily from the exclusive availability of the previous 14 films on Amazon Prime Video.

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The Kingdom anime is currently the Second Most-Watched TV Show on Japanese streaming and VOD services, with the anime airing the climax of its spectacular fourth season.

While the series might not quite live up to the standard the manga has set for the name. The past two seasons have been a massive improvement over the first couple of seasons, which got a lot of criticism for the excessive use of CGI.

SPY x FAMILY remains in the Top 5 before Part 2 kicks off next month.

Detective Conan remains as beloved and as highly watched as ever and is in the third spot on the list. While SPY x FAMILY, which has become a global phenomenon and was previously on top amongst both the male and female audiences for 14 consecutive weeks, is now in the fourth spot.

The anime’s success has resulted in the manga series selling over 8 million copies during this fiscal year already in Japan. And the anime has quickly become a significant point of conversation in the mainstream pop culture and media landscape, garnering fame worldwide for its wholesome family comedy and really likeable cast of characters. 

SPY x FAMILY will return with the second cour of the anime on the first week of October.




Made in Abyss and Lycoris Recoil are thriving on Streaming in Japan.

Most Popular Anime of September 2022: Made in Abyss Season 2

There are plenty of anime from the Summer 2022 Anime Season among the Top 10 on the list, with Made in Abyss, which is also the Highest-Rated Anime of the Season on MyAnimeList, taking the fifth spot on the list.

Meanwhile, Lycoris Recoil, which is the Highest-Rated Non-Sequel Anime of the Season on MyAnimeList, takes the next place in the Top 10. 

Uncle from Another World on Netflix, Overlord, and Call of the Night are all also among the Top 10 on the list.


Most Popular Anime of September 2022: Haikyuu

The fantabulous sports anime, Ao Ashi, is in the 11th spot on this list of the 15 Most Popular Anime in Japan this month, while JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is in the 12th place with the release of the second batch of episodes for Part 6 of JoJo, Stone Ocean.

Meanwhile, despite not airing a single new episode since the December of 2020, Haikyuu is among the Top 15 as well. The anime’s popularity is truly remarkable, and we just can’t wait to see the battle between Nekoma High and Karasuno.

You can see the complete list below and check out Gem Partners for more info.


Top 15 Most Popular Anime in Japan on Streaming (September 2022):


  1. One Piece
  2. Kingdom
  3. Detective Conan
  5. Made in Abyss
  6. Lycoris Recoil
  7. Uncle from Another World
  8. Overlord
  9. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
  10. Call of the Night
  11. Ao Ashi
  12. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
  13. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
  14. Dragon Ball
  15. Haikyuu!!.

Source: GEM Partners.

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