Tokyo Revengers Manga Sales Skyrocket After TV Anime

Tokyo Revengers has sold 1.459 million copies in the month of April alone which is more than the series had sold in the previous three months of 2021.

Kodansha had been in a need of another massive hit ever since it was announced that the Attack on Titan manga was coming to an end and it had been fairly hard for the publishing giant to keep up with Shueisha as they have been breaking records with their manga nonstop without even an anime adaptation for the likes Chainsaw Man and Kaiju No. 8.

Tokyo Revengers seems to have brought Kodansha back into the game with its dominance over the weekly and monthly Oricon charts over the past two months.

Tokyo Revengers is the fifth biggest Manga series of the year so far.

Tokyo Revengers had been doing a solid job even before the anime by selling approximately 381,000 and 377,000 copies in the respective months of January and February. But with the special premiere of the anime early in March, the series hit 477,000 in sales according to Oricon that month.

The sales skyrocketed when the anime continued its regular broadcast with the series hitting the mark of 1.45 million copies in April placing the manga second in the monthly Oricon chart after Jujutsu Kaisen. The manga series has also sold a total of 2.69 million copies in 2021 so far, making it the 5th biggest manga series of the year so far. The sales include both print and digital.

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Honestly, if you have seen the anime, it wouldn’t come as a surprise since every episode after the initial three episodes ended on a major cliffhanger and has left us wanting more and more of the series. It will be interesting to see how far Tokyo Revengers can go especially when the first season of the anime comes to an end next month.
Tokyo Revengers manga has entered its final arc in the Weekly Shonen Magazine.

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