Tokyo Revengers Has Become the 69th Best-Selling Manga of All-Time

In just over six months, Tokyo Revengers has become the 69th Best-Selling Manga of all time. 

Tokyo Revengers has seen such a huge unprecedented success since the start of the anime and has sold over 24 million copies within this fiscal year. This is not only the biggest year for any manga by Kodansha since Oricon first started keeping track of weekly manga sales over a decade ago but is also the first time a manga from Kodansha has sold over 20 million copies within a fiscal year.

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The record was previously held by Attack on Titan when it sold over 15.9 million copies after the premiere of the anime in 2013.

It should be noted that Tokyo Revengers had only sold about 2.3 million copies till April when the anime had only aired its first few episodes. April was the biggest month of the manga back then with the series crossing a million mark in a month for the first time as it sold 1.459 million copies during the month of the premiere. And in May, the series sold a whopping 2.7 million copies that brought the series’ total to over 5 million for the first half of the year. 

Tokyo Revengers is the Third Best-Selling Manga Series of 2021.

The series has shown no signs of stopping anytime soon since then, as the manga has finished this year as the third best-selling manga series for the fiscal year of 2021 with 24.981 million copies sold. 

This has brought the total copies in circulation for the series to approximately 40 million in just over six months.

Tokyo Revengers had just reached about 10 million copies in circulation with the release of its Volume 21 around the start of the anime. 

The biggest month for the manga was followed by the release of the live-action movie which grossed over $39 million in Japanese Box-Office and the premiere of the Bloody Halloween Arc as Tokyo Revengers sold almost 5.6 million copies in July. The series sold over 17.5 million copies throughout the anime’s 25 episode run.

While the series is currently the 69th Best-Selling Manga of All-time, it is also the 31st Best-Selling Manga within the Top 100 based on per volume sales. Tokyo Revengers has averaged 1.66 million copies per volume so far. 


While Kodansha has had a couple of huge hits in recent years, it had always been in need of something like Attack on Titan again which could keep them head-to-head with Shueisha who has been dominating the medium for quite sometimes and has been breaking records left and right.

And, Tokyo Revengers seems to have brought Kodansha back into the game with its dominance over the weekly and monthly Oricon charts over the past five months. And with the upcoming anime adaptation for sports manga, Blue Lock, things are looking more positive than ever for the publishing giant now.

Tokyo Revengers is part of the Shonen Big Three of the year that includes Jujutsu Kaisen and Demon Slayer alongside itself. These three mangas at the top of Oricon charts have sold over 85 million copies between them this year.

It really is quite insane to think that Jujutsu Kaisen and Tokyo Revengers were selling a couple hundred thousand copies a month a little while ago and now they are absolutely dominating the medium. The sales include both print and digital.

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Honestly, if you were watching the anime, it would hardly come as a surprise since pretty much every episode of Tokyo Revengers ended on a major cliffhanger and left us wanting more and more of the series. 

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Tokyo Revengers manga is currently in its final arc in the Weekly Shonen Magazine.

Source: Wikipedia, Josu Ke.

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