10 Most Popular Anime Openings of 2022; Attack on Titan vs Demon Slayer

The Rumbling from Attack on Titan Season 4 has been the Most Streamed Anime Opening of 2022 so far on Spotify, with over 128 million streams. See the complete list of the most popular anime openings of 2022 so far featuring Demon Slayer Season 2 and Chainsaw Man below.

Great anime are often accompanied by an equally and sometimes an even better and recognizable opening theme song. Songs such as “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” from ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’, “Cha-La Head-Cha-La” from ‘Dragon Ball Z’ and “Tank” from ‘Cowboy Bebop’ are just as iconic as their beloved counterparts.

Everybody loves a good opening theme that makes you groove and perfectly sets the tone for the episode to follow. It’s basically like a better and glorified trailer for the anime and is often filled with stunning and eye-catching visuals, stellar character shots and has a freakishly good chorus.

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2022 has been a great year for the anime community, and we have neither been short on good anime nor great anime openings. So today, we are taking a look at the Most Popular Anime Openings of 2022 so far on Spotify. Without taking your time further, let’s get started.



Most Popular Anime Openings of 2022: Attack on Titan The Rumbling

The Opening Song for Part 2 of the Final Season of Attack on Titan, “The Rumbling” by SiM, has been the Most Popular Anime Opening of 2022 on Spotify with over 128 million streams.

Throughout the course of its past four seasons, Attack on Titan has given us some pretty iconic opening theme songs, and The Rumbling has quickly become one of them. The ‘TV Size’ version of the opening has garnered over 61 million streams, while the full-length song has been streamed over 67 million times on Spotify.


Most Popular Anime Openings of 2022; Demon Slayer Aimer

Aimer’s “Zankyou Zanka” for Demon Slayer Season 2: Entertainment District Arc is in the second spot on the list and has been streamed over 113 million times, which is not that big of a surprise considering both Aimer and Demon Slayer are both big household names in Japan. 

Meanwhile, “Mixed Nuts” by Official HIGE DANdism from SPY x FAMILY is third on the list and has been streamed over 57 million times on Spotify already.

The SPY x FAMILY anime has been tremendously successful and has become one of the most successful anime adaptations to have come out in recent years. Cour 2 of the anime is currently being broadcasted.


The second opening for Ranking of Kings, “Naked Hero” by Vaundy, had a tough act to follow after King Gnu’s “BOY” blew us all away last year, but Vaundy did not miss a beat. Naked Hero is the 4th Most Popular Anime Opening of 2022 so far, with over 29.5 million streams on Spotify.


Meanwhile, even though “KICK BACK” by Kenshi Yonezu has only been out on Spotify for a mere 10 days, the opening theme from Chainsaw Man has already been streamed over 17 million times and is already the fifth most popular anime opening of the year so far on Spotify. This is a massively impressive feat, but considering the hype surrounding Chainsaw Man and the sheer fact that the opening is actually both visually and, in every sense, a spectacle, it’s not a surprise at all.

Call of the Night’s opening theme song, “Datenshi” by Creepy Nuts, is 6th on the list, with over 12.2 million streams. While “Ciki Ciki Bam Bam” by QUEENDOM from Ya Boy Kongming, which is probably the most groovy anime opening of the year, has also made the list and took the 7th spot with over 11.1 million streams.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War returned with its third season this year with another opening song by the “King of Love Songs” Masayuki Suzuki. The new opening titled “GIRI GIRI” featuring Suu is 8th on the list, with over 6.9 million streams. While another rom-com song, “San San Days” by Spira Spica from My Dress-Up Darling takes the next spot on the list, with over 6.6 million streams.

One Piece concludes the Top 10 with the 24th opening of the series titled “PAINT” by I Don’t Like Mondays, garnering over 5.6 million streams on Spotify so far.

You can check out the full list below.

Top 10 Most-Streamed Anime Openings of 2022 on Spotify:

  1. The Rumbling (SiM), Attack on Titan: The Final Season; 128,000,000
  2. Zankyou Zanka (Aimer), Demon Slayer Season 2: Entertainment District Arc; 113,000,000
  3. Mixed Nuts (Official HIGE DANdism), SPY x FAMILY; 57,300,000
  4. Naked Hero (Vaundy), Ranking of Kings; 29,500,000
  5. KICK BACK (Kenshi Yonezu), Chainsaw Man; 17,500,000
  6. Datenshi (Creepy Nuts), Call of the Night; 12,200,000
  7. Ciki Ciki Bam Bam (QUEENDOM), Ya Boy Kongming; 11,100,000
  8. GIRI GIRI (Masayuki Suzuki ft. Suu), Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 3; 6,900,000
  9. San San Days (Spira Spica), My Dress-Up Darling; 6,600,000
  10. PAINT (I Don’t Like Mondays), One Piece; 5,600,000.

Source: Spotify.

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