11 Most Popular Anime in Japan Right Now: Spy x Family Tops Chainsaw Man

SPY x FAMILY continues to be the Most Popular Anime in Japan as Chainsaw Man debuts at the Second Spot. Check out the full list below, which also features My Hero Academia and Demon Slayer.

The wholesome and hilarious Forger family returned earlier this month for the second half of the beloved Jump+ anime and instantly became the Most-Watched TV Show in Japanese Streaming.

Most Popular Anime in Japan (October 2022): Spy x Family

SPY x FAMILY, which is also garnering over 9 million viewers on traditional television, has been the Most-Watched TV Show in Japanese Streaming and VOD Services among both the male and female demographic for the second week running.

The anime phenomenon, which was on the top spot for 14 consecutive weeks during the broadcast of its first cour, is also currently the Most Popular Anime in Streaming among every single age group (i.e., from teenagers to the elderly audience aged 60 and above).

Chainsaw Man debuts as the Second Most Popular Anime in Japan on Streaming.

Most Popular Anime in Japan (October 2022): Chainsaw Man

Meanwhile, the much-anticipated Chainsaw Man anime, which premiered last Tuesday, has debuted as the Second Most-Watched Anime and TV Show on Streaming in Japan.

The hype for the Chainsaw Man anime in Japan and around the globe has been truly immaculate, with the anime series being a point of conversation ever since MAPPA dropped the first trailer. On the night of its release, the anime’s premiere flooded the social media and was trending worldwide.

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One Piece, which was the Most Watched TV Show in Japanese Streaming and VOD Services for eight consecutive weeks prior to October, has moved down to the third spot now.

The beloved anime series has been topping the rankings on streaming services across Japan ever since the release of One Piece Film: Red in August.

The 15th film in the franchise has been immensely successful and has gone on to become the 7th Highest-Grossing Japanese Film Ever domestically, surpassing Ponyo and making over 17.1 Billion Yen ($115 Million) after over two months at the Domestic Box Office.

The film has already seen over a massive 12.1 million admissions in Japan and will be released in North America on the 4th of November.

The Kingdom anime, which concluded its spectacular fourth season on a solid note earlier this month, is in the fourth spot right now. The anime has been extremely prolific among adults and the older audiences, and this is the first time the show has left the Top 3 since July.

My Hero Academia is also among the Top 5 Most Popular Anime in Japan.

Both the brand new seasons of My Hero Academia and the latest instalment of Gundam also premiered earlier this month and have taken the fifth and the sixth place on the list respectively.

My Hero Academia is airing its sixth season right now, which adapts the manga’s much anticipated and acclaimed “Paranormal Liberation War Arc.”

After a fifth season which many found to be a letdown from the source material, it will be interesting to see how Studio Bones will adapt the biggest storyline in the series yet, and hopefully win back the fans and the traction it has lost among the global anime community.

Season 6 does seem very promising. Even though we are only three episodes into the season, the series has just delivered what probably is the standout episode of the series in a long, long time.

Meanwhile, Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury is a refreshing standalone entry in the beloved long-running franchise. Even if you are not into Gundam or haven’t checked out any of the previous instalments, this is one of those anime airing this season that is worth checking out. Although make sure to check out the prologue of this series which was released a couple of months ago before diving into the anime.


The Urusei Yatsura reboot also premiered last week and featured the return of the original Best Girl, Lum. The first episode was utterly enjoyable, and its lighthearted tone and vibrant colors managed to bring the vibe of the original show into this reboot while also managing to do its own thing.

Within just a couple of days, Urusei Yatsura has broken into the Top 20 Most-Watched TV Shows in Japan on streaming. You can see the complete list below and check out Gem Partners for more info.


Top 11 Most Popular Anime in Japan on Streaming Right Now:


  2. Chainsaw Man
  3. One Piece
  4. Kingdom
  5. My Hero Academia
  6. Gundam
  7. Detective Conan
  8. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
  9. Lycoris Recoil
  10. Golden Kamuy
  11. Urusei Yatsura.

Source: GEM Partners.

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