TV Time’s 20 Most Popular Anime Ever (Worldwide), Attack on Titan vs Naruto

With over 1.9 million followers on TV Time, Attack on Titan is the Most Popular Anime around the world on the popular TV tracking platform. See the full list featuring Naruto and Death Note.

Earlier this year, both Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer were two of the most talked about TV Shows on social media every week with their respective new seasons and were a huge point of conversation in the mainstream media.

The Jujutsu Kaisen 0 film was a massive success around the world despite being a prequel. And brand new shows such as SPY x FAMILY and Chainsaw Man anime have both managed to develop a huge variety of fan-following across the world.

Anime has been gaining more of a hold in the mainstream media and is only getting more popular and more mainstream every day. Today, we are taking a look at the list of the Top 20 Most Popular Anime Worldwide on the popular television tracking platform, TV Time.

TV Time is the world’s premier tracking platform for Movies and TV Shows. The app has over 23 Million users on its platform, and millions of people track television and engage in its community every day.

Most Popular Anime Ever (Worldwide): Attack on Titan on top with over 1.9 million followers.

1. Attack on Titan; 1.9 Million Followers

Most Popular Anime Ever (Worldwide): Attack on Titan

Ever since the premiere of the anime back in 2013, Attack on Titan has been one of the most prominent names from the medium around the world.

Attack on Titan has been one of the most mainstream anime titles in every sense. When the first season of the anime aired, people in Survey Corps uniforms took over comic conventions, memes related to the series were flooding the internet and Guren no Yumiya was practically a weeb anthem.

The series was mentioned along with Game of Thrones back then. There was never a single-season anime title that had garnered the hype quite like Attack on Titan before.

Over the years the hype for the series did dwindle, but when the first part of the final season premiered in 2021, the anime once again took over like nothing ever before in the medium. This anime series has played a pivotal role in establishing the medium in the mainstream forefront and especially modern and seasonal anime in mainstream media globally and unsurprisingly comes on top of this list.


2. ONE PIECE; 1.6 Million Followers

It’s been over 25 years since the One Piece manga debuted and the anime has been running for well over 1000 episodes and 23 years now. But the series has only gone on to become more popular than ever.

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What could speak more to the show’s popularity than its longevity. Even after all these years, a non-canonical movie which saw the return of the fan-favourite Shanks, went on to gross well over $100 million just in Japan.

One Piece is an evergreen adventure full of action, an array of emotions, and an everlasting sense of wonder. The anime is second on the list with over 1.6 million followers.

3. My Hero Academia; 1.4 Million Followers

My Hero Academia came at a time when superhero media was at its peak and managed to capitalise on all of the genre’s hype to make its home as a successful and wildly beloved anime not just in Japan but especially in the West.


The series appealed to people of various demographics globally due to the well-mashed blend of its lighthearted superhero high school setting and traditional shonen tropes. It quickly became a fan favourite among the fans with its attractive and likeable cast of characters.

The anime is third on the list with 1.4 million followers.


4. One-Punch Man; 1.2 Million Followers

The very first season of One-Punch Man by Madhouse was a pure spectacle. The action was insane, the comedy was on point, and the story was simple to follow. Add that to how loveable Saitama is as the show’s main character and the show’s incredibly hyped-up opening theme song, One-Punch Man was just utterly entertaining and one of the most remarkable pieces of television to come out in 2015.


5. Death Note; 1.03 Million Followers

Most Popular Anime Ever (Worldwide): Death Note

Death Note has been the introduction to anime for many people of the younger generation, and what an introduction it is.

Within just 37 episodes, the series establishes itself as one of the best and most exciting mystery thrillers not just within the medium but in all of television. Death Note is a remarkable and extravagant cat-and-mouse affair and has had a huge impact on the growth of the medium as a whole.

6. Naruto Shippuden; 983,000 Followers

Most Popular Anime Ever: Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden is when Naruto really kicks into full gear and dials everything up to eleven. Over the course of its 500 episodes, the anime delivers some of the most beloved story arcs within the anime community such as The Fourth Great Shinobi War, Pain’s Assault, and The Fated Battle between the Brothers.

What a memorable experience this anime was. Long-running anime are indeed something else.

7. Demon Slayer; 905,000 Followers

Known for its loveable characters, breathtaking animation and stellar action sequences, Demon Slayer has made quite a name for itself. The series has become a cultural phenomenon in Japan over the last couple of years and has also become one of the biggest names from the medium around the globe.

Its action-packed Entertainment District Arc, which aired earlier this year further helped establish its dominance across the medium as well as outside of it.

8. Boruto; 853,000 Followers

Boruto has been criticized for its shortcomings many a time and has not quite lived up to its predecessors, but the simple fact remains that it is a Naruto spinoff and the fans of the original show are attached to the world, rightfully so. So of course, it is one of the most popular titles from the medium.

9. Naruto; 837,000 Followers

Many remember the original Naruto series as the show they grew up with or that show that hooked us into anime. We all remember the Chunin Exams arc which is the reason many of us fell in love with this anime and after that there was no going back.

Naruto has had an unprecedented amount of impact globally, more so than that could ever be described in mere sentences.

10. The Seven Deadly Sins; 828,000 Followers

The Seven Deadly Sins was one of the most promising and entertaining fantasy shonen during its first two seasons and had managed to get plenty of fans tuning in to the show every week.

But then A-1 Pictures left the series, and Studio Dean took over, following which The Seven Deadly Sins suffered a big lapse of breakdown in production and quality and the show basically killed itself and all its hype. 

Still the show manages to be one of the most popular anime in TV Time. You can see the complete list below.


TV Time’s Top 20 Most Popular Anime Worldwide:


  1. Attack on Titan: 1,900,000
  2. One Piece; 1,600,000
  3. My Hero Academia; 1,400,000
  4. One-Punch Man; 1,200,000
  5. Death Note; 1,030,000
  6. Naruto Shippuden; 983,000
  7. Demon Slayer; 905,000
  8. Boruto; 853,000
  9. Naruto; 837,000
  10. The Seven Deadly Sins; 828,000
  11. Pokemon; 804,000
  12. Tokyo Ghoul; 734,000
  13. Sword Art Online; 733,000
  14. Dragon Ball Super; 711,000
  15. Jujutsu Kaisen; 663,000
  16. Fairy Tail; 655,000
  17. Haikyuu; 648,000
  18. Hunter x Hunter; 589,000
  19. Black Clover; 555,000
  20. The Promised Neverland; 472,000.

Source: Wikipedia, TV Time.

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