Demon Slayer Manga: Volume 22 Sells Almost 3 Million Copies in 10 Days

The Demon Slayer manga continues its reign as the manga’s penultimate volume sells almost 3 million copies in just 10 days.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba manga has been ruling in the sales chart for almost a year now, selling more than tenfolds of any other manga series this year. The manga quickly managed to become the biggest hit for Shonen Jump in recent times and has been even rivaling One Piece‘s peak per volume sales.

According to Oricon Charts, which provides statistics and sales rankings of music CDs, DVDs, Manga, Anime, and other entertainment products based on weekly tabulations, the Demon Slayer manga has sold 53,760,000 copies during the first seven months of 2020. Shueisha recently confirmed that the manga had reached 80 million+ copies in circulation by the end of September.

The Demon Slayer manga has already broken a number of records this year and has already blown way past the record for the highest sales of a manga series in a fiscal year. Demon Slayer‘s latest and the penultimate volume, Volume 22 in the series is finally out now and is continuing to soar high as it has already sold around 3 million copies (including the special edition) in just 10 days.

The latest Demon Slayer manga sold 2.2 million copies in its first 3 days.

The latest volume of the Demon Slayer manga which came out on October 2, sold 2.2 million copies in just three days and charted at first with the series selling 2.7 million in total between the week of 09/28 – 10/04. The special edition of the volume contributed to 740,000 copies of the 2.2 million in total.

The series still managed to keep almost half the sales in the second week with another 1.19 million sales last week. While the exact number for the recent volume hasn’t yet been revealed, it is almost a sure bet that it contributed to at least 900,000 of last week’s sales, surely adding up the volume’s total copies in circulation to more than a whopping 3 million.

Demon Slayer was recently dethroned for the first time from its number one weekly sales for a series status this year by Attack on Titan followed by One Piece respectively. But with the recent volume, Demon Slayer manga shows no signs of slowing down. And even though, everybody keeps joking about everybody in Japan owning a copy of the manga at this point, who knows what will happen after the movie drops this Friday.

The recent volume also set the record for the second-highest initial print with 3.7 million copies right off the first batch. One Piece Volume 67 still has the record for the highest with 4.05 million initial print.

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*This is the part where I talk about the premise of Demon Slayer but everybody has heard of it at this point, so it is pointless to write about it.*

The Demon Slayer manga comes to an end with Volume 23 releasing on December 4. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train releases in Japan on 10/16/2020. You can read the Demon Slayer manga and the recent one shot here


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