Relax! Haikyuu: To the Top is Not Turning into Seven Deadly Sins S3

The bad animation of Haikyuu: To the Top’s 15th episode has fans worrying about the show’s future episodes, although they should rather stay assured.

Haikyuu!! is not only considered one of the best sports anime out there but also as one of the best shonen of the modern age. The anime recently began its much anticipated second cour of the long-awaited fourth season titled, “Haikyuu!!: To the Top”, which had had fans hyped ever since the anime went on break in March.

Haikyuu!! was supposed to come back for the remainder of episodes of the season in July but had to go through a delay till October because of COVID-19.

Although when the show did come back, it lived up to the fans’ expectations and delivered a strong first episode which reminded people of everything they love about Haikyuu!!. We even got a .3 seconds long Oikawa appearance in the opening, causing us Oikawa stans to freak out.

But then there came the second episode of Haikyuu: To the Top‘s second cour, which could not keep up with the hot streak due to the episode’s poor animation, and trust me, calling it poor is still very polite.

My eyes as well could not believe it, I was so confused that I was starting to doubt myself. The only thing that made me feel slightly better was the fact that at least BokuAka were still intact. This recent drop in animation has the Haikyuu!! fans freaking out and caused them to worry and to hope that this doesn’t turn out to be another Seven Deadly Sins Season 3.

Haikyuu: To the Top episode 15 was outsourced and produced by a completely different studio.

But there isn’t much reason to worry and everybody can relax since it seems very much like a one-time thing, the episode was actually outsourced and produced by a different studio called 4tune, you may have seen the name in the credits for this episode. The episode being outsourced was what led to the poor animation quality and style.

The frustration is very obvious since the episode was a huge let down considering how good episode 14 looked but nobody is to be blamed for this. While many are calling the animators incompetent for this, it should be known that it is very understandable since Studio 4tune has never worked on Haikyuu!! before and is relatively a way smaller completely unheard name, and while we don’t know why exactly Production IG outsourced this episode, it could be very well traced back to COVID19 which has caused scheduling issues in an industry where production scheduling has always been a problem.

Outsourcing also happens due to the staff paying more time and resources to the episodes that are more important, and that could be within the reason too.

But, this very much has been and seems like it will be a one-time thing for Haikyuu!!, considering the last time an episode was outsourced was back in Season 1, and with the show’s popularity, it will hopefully remain a one time thing. The preview images for next week’s episode sure seems to be backing this up.

I do still very much dislike the fact that this episode tried to cover six chapters when they usually just do three and some really good moments were really rushed but again, we can only let it be and hopefully episode 16 would fix everything up. I do recommend everybody who hasn’t read the manga to read from chapter 254 to 260 as it wasn’t done justice while we patiently wait for the new episode.

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