Attack on Titan Final Volume Crosses 1 Million while JJK 16 & One Piece 99 Reaches Over 1.5 Million, See List Weekly Manga Sales 2021

According to the Oricon Charts that just dropped this morning, Attack on Titan Volume 34 (Final Volume) has sold more than 1 million copies within just ten days.

The Final Volume for Attack on Titan flew off the shelves faster than Eren hitting homerun with Lara Tybur and debuted with 819,000 copies sold in its first three days and has sold another 114,052 copies in its second week.

The Final Volume also had a special edition release, which has sold 107,159 copies bringing the volume’s total to a massive 1,040,911 copies. Attack on Titan’s official character guidebook has also sold over 60,000 copies.

Meanwhile, Jujutsu Kaisen topped this week’s best-selling volumes list, with its Volume 16 selling 128,691 copies in its third week, totaling the volume to another insanely high number of 1,648,780 copies.

One Piece Volume 99 also sold over 100,000 copies and has sold a total of 1,522,408 copies in three weeks.

SPYxFAMILY has continued its dominance even without an announcement of an anime adaptation, and has sold 795,689 copies, and is looking to close another million copies for a single volume.
Kaiju No. 8 has been following a similar trajectory and has sold 593,911 copies, while Dr. Stone has surpassed 206,600 copies as of Week 3.

Another impressive entry on this list is Record of Ragnarok Volume 11, which recently got a lackluster anime adaptation from Graphinica.
While the latest volumes for popular Weekly Shonen Magazine titles such as Fire Force and Kanojo, Okarishimasu also ranked within the Top 10 of Oricon Charts having a solid debut week.
You can read the full manga sales breakdown for Weekly Shonen Magazine New Volumes below.

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Weekly Manga Sales (14/06/21-20/06/21): Top 10 Best-Selling Manga Volumes

  1. Jujutsu Kaisen 16; 128,961
  2. Attack on Titan 34; 114,152
  3. One Piece 99; 104,256
  4. Record of Ragnarok 11; 95,968
  5. Golden Kamuy 26; 91,534
  6. SPYxFAMILY 7; 83,296
  7. Fire Force 29; 73,420
  8. Kaiju No. 8 3; 67,584
  9. Kanojo, Okarishimasu 21; 66,319
  10. Major 2nd 23; 54,607.

New Jump titles such as Witch Watch Volume 1 and Sakamoto Days Volume 2 have been performing great as well with them selling 29,802 and 24,003 copies respectively. While Ayakashi Triangle has sold 61,681 copies with its Volume 4.

And according to the latest estimations we got, Iruma Kun Volume 22 has also crossed 100,000 copies alongside Volume 24 of both Snow White with the Red Hair and Owari no Seraph.

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