Violet Evergarden Movie was the Second Most Popular Anime Movie of 2021


“Hope rises like a phoenix from the ashes of shattered dreams”~ S. A. Sachs

With an incredibly arduous yet successful worldwide release of Violet Evergarden: the Movie on the 18th of September 2020, Kyoto Animation made a valiant return to the anime industry, resurging from a calamitous arson attack.

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Featuring its signature artistic magnificence pouring life into every frame, background, and character, the movie intrinsically climbed up the ladders to become the Second Best-Selling Anime Movie of 2021 after Demon Slayer: Mugen Train.

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The story ferries us alongside Violet on a heartachingly cathartic voyage of old wounds being reopened and meddled with. In a world running towards a future with communication technology and scarcely heeding a glance to the footprints of the past, we see her and the cast struggle to learn to find a place as an Auto-memory Doll.

The rapid rate of evolution proving as a frightening challenge for the characters, demanding endurance & commitment to their authenticity. With old ghosts reviving to life and changes toppling over each other, the movie treads masterfully towards acceptance, advancement, and alignment with its ingenious narration.

The Violet Evergarden franchise continues to make waves in the community, with the latest movie selling 118,337 BD/DVD copies in as little as over a month from its release, making it the second biggest anime movie home release of 2021.

The movie is also the Third Best-Selling Anime Movie of the pandemic, with the prior positions led by a tally of more than 1 million copies from Demon Slayer: Mugen Train earlier in 2021 and over 210,000 copies sold by Tenki no Ko with its release in May 2020.

With a remarkable reception in the box offices generating 21.13 million worldwide in 2020, the Violet Evergarden movie moved further to claim the title of the biggest entertainment franchise of October 2021 with its Blu-Ray & DVD release. Outdoing predominating frontrunners like Jujutsu Kaisen and Tokyo Revengers and generating a revenue of 1.238 Billion Yen in October 2021.


The Special Edition Blu-ray disc for Violet Evergarden: the Movie sold 57,029 copies within the first four days of its release. Combined with the corresponding regular edition selling 21,808 copies & DVD selling 10,139 copies. The movie boasted an insane total sales of 88,976 copies in its first week of release. Thus, crowned as the 3rd biggest debut week for an anime movie since the pandemic.

Violet Evergarden also remains the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful anime hit for Netflix, selling an average of 28,330 copies per volume with its release in 2018.
The anime generated revenue of 1.067 Billion Yen from its home release back then, making it the 3rd biggest anime by Kyoto Animation behind Haruhi Suzumiya & K-On!

Violet Evergarden wasn’t just a huge commercial success for Kyoto Animation. It also took the grand prize for the Anime of the Year award (Film Category) at the Tokyo Anime Awards Festival in 2021.

Violet Evergarden follows the story of the titular protagonist, a young girl raised for the sole purpose of decimating enemy lines.
Hospitalized and maimed in a bloody skirmish during the War’s final leg, she was left with only words from the person she held dearest but with no understanding of their meaning as The Great War finally came to an end after four very long years.

Recovering from her wounds, Violet starts a new life working at CH Postal Services after a falling out with her new intended guardian family. There, she witnesses by pure chance the work of an “Auto Memory Doll,” amanuenses that transcribe people’s thoughts and feelings into words on paper. Moved by the notion, Violet begins to work as an Auto Memory Doll, a trade that will take her on an adventure, one that will reshape the lives of her clients and hopefully lead to self-discovery.

Violet Evergarden: the Movie’s Special Edition Blu-ray disc is priced at $96.8, while the regular edition is worth $77.4.

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Violet Evergarden (2018) and Violet Evergarden: the Movie (2020) are both streaming on Netflix worldwide.

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