My Hero Academia Season 6 Officially Announced on Shonen Jump

My Hero Academia will indeed be returning for a Season 6 as announced on the latest installment of Weekly Shonen Jump. The fifth season of My Hero Academia which is set to conclude this Saturday will most likely cover somewhere till Chapter 256, which is the end of Volume 26. And Season 6 will see the anime pick right off from the Paranormal Liberation War arc.

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My Hero Academia Season 6 will most likely premiere sometime in late 2022. But due to the way Bones has handled Season 5, fans are really wishing that the anime takes its time to do justice to the source material by Horikoshi-sensei even if it means that the anime stray away from its formula of putting a new My Hero Academia season almost every year.  

My Hero Academia has seen its fair share of criticism this season since the anime rearranged Endeavor Agency Arc and My Villain Academia while also putting a filler episode in-between to cater for the upcoming movie.

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The manga fans were very disappointed with the way the pivotal My Villain Academia arc took a back seat and was given merely 5 episodes for 22 chapters worth of source material (although the chapters were a bit shorter, the arc was still rushed). While the Joint Training Arc got 10 episodes to cover 28 chapters where not a lot of significant stuff happened.

The fifth season of My Hero Academia also suffered from production and scheduling issues in its second half. While the animation from the second half did have its moments of glory, it has also been criticized an ample amount for being rushed.

Fans have been expressing their concern with the production of the series for the last two seasons suspecting that the studio and production committee has been putting their resources into the movies that are merely fillers and “cash-grab” instead of the actual source material, especially when the anime is about to enter what is hailed by the manga readers as the best arc of the series.

My Hero Academia also suffered from clear pacing issues this season as sometimes it slowed down a bit too much with lots of flashbacks but then they also cut out some important character interactions from My Villain Academia.

The fifth season of My Hero Academia covered around 67 chapters which is on par with Season 4 that covered 65. While the second and third seasons of My Hero Academia covered 50 and 54 chapters respectively.

While we don’t know where the future for My Hero Academia lies, we can only hope for the best for the upcoming season.

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