Money Heist is the Most-Watched TV Series Around the World Right Now, See Full List

TV Time, the popular television and movies tracking app has released its list for the most-binged TV shows for the first half of September 2021, and Money Heist (La Casa De Papel) has absolutely dominated the end of the summer season. The show is also likely to enter the fall season with the crown on its head as well.

Money Heist has amounted to an insane 11.08% of the platform’s total binge sessions in the month of September so far. The popular Spanish series took first place from Outer Banks which dethroned Never Have I Ever in August and had a really impressive run throughout the past month. Outer Banks still continues to be in the Top 10 as well.

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Money Heist has had the biggest debut of the year so far.

Money Heist debuted with a massive 11.99% share of TV Time’s binge sessions in its first weekend and was the most-watched TV show on the popular television tracking platform. The hit Netflix sensation kept up with its solid momentum in its second week as well with the show seeing a drop of only 1.82%, scoring a binge share of 10.17% in the second week of September.

Lucifer, which debuted its final haul the week later, took the second spot as it debuted with a 5.45% share of binge sessions and continued to charm the audience till the very end of its run.

While Good Girls has been canceled at NBC and its future still looks grim, the show has had a very impressive turnout this month so far. The show is also likely to keep up with its hot streak as it currently holds the 3rd spot on the list. Good Girls saw a binge share of 2.14% in the first week of September and had a gradual increase to 2.29% in the second week.



One Piece and Modern Family have continued to be in the upper half of the list as they have been the entire year while Grey’s Anatomy has slipped to 7th but will most likely move up again by the end of the month.

Brooklyn 99 has also continued its momentum from August and as the series approaches its end, the sitcom moved up to 6th place and had a total share of 1.51% binge sessions on the platform. The show is likely to move even further up into the list in the latter half of the month as it has now concluded its final season. Although no Netflix release date has been announced for the show’s distribution outside of the United States.




While the month of August was heavily dominated by Network and Veteran TV Shows and they still heavily rule across the Top 10 this month as well, Netflix has totally outdone them this time with just 3 titles that amounted to a total of 15.81% of the platform’s total binge sessions. Netflix is clear of the rest of the 7 network television shows by a whopping 5.1% as they only amount for 10.8% of the total binge sessions.

Meanwhile, Tom Ellis’s Lucifer has the Professor beat in TV Time’s Most Favorited Characters in the platform for this month so far.

You can check out the full list below.


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Most-Watched TV Shows of September 2021 (So Far), TV Time Binge Report:

  1. “Money Heist” (Netflix) — 11.08%
  2. “Lucifer” (Netflix) — 3.75%
  3. “Good Girls” (NBC) — 2.22%
  4. “One Piece” (Fuji TV) — 1.80%
  5. “Modern Family” (ABC) — 1.78%
  6. “Brooklyn 99” (NBC) — 1.51%
  7. “Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC) — 1.50%
  8. “The Office” (NBC) — 1%
  9. “The Good Doctor” (ABC) — 0.99%
  10. “Outer Banks” (Netflix) — 0.98%

Source: TV Time

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TV Time has 12 Million users on the platform and 1 million daily active users, the platform calculates a binge session as when a viewer watches four or more episodes of the same show within a given day, as tracked by the TV Time App.

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