Elite, Lupin and 8 Most Popular TV Shows 2021 on TV Time (June 2021)

TV Time, the popular television and movies tracking app has released its list for the most-binged shows of June 2021, and Elite has dethroned Lucifer after its almost a month long streak at the top and has taken the first spot.

According to TV Time, Elite was the most-binged show on the tracking platform amounting for a huge 6.07% of its total binge-sessions. The popular teen drama ranking first is not really a big surprise as both the Elite: Short Stories and the new season dropping recently has kicked the show’s hype to full speed.

Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle took the second spot with a total of 4.46% share of the binge-sessions while One Piece has now climbed to third with a binge share of 1.79% .

Meanwhile, the former first place holder Lucifer, is still going strong more than a month after its new batch of episodes dropped and was the seventh most-binged show on the platform.

Seven Deadly Sins has also seen a meteoric rise in its numbers after the anime finished airing and has managed to enter the Top 10 charts for the first time in a while. You can check out the full list below.

As far as the characters are concerned, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, Tom Ellis’s Lucifer, and Elite’s Cayetana were the Top 3 Most Favorited Characters of June 2021 in the  TV Time platform.

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TV Time has 12 Million users on the platform and 1 million daily active users, the platform calculates a binge session as when a viewer watches four or more episodes of the same show within a given day, as tracked by the TV Time App.

Most Popular TV Shows 2021 (June 2021), TV Time Binge Report:

  1. “Elite” (Netflix) — 6.07%
  2. “Too Hot to Handle” (Netflix) — 4.46%
  3. “One Piece” (Fuji TV) — 1.79%
  4. “Modern Family” (ABC U.S.) — 1.6975%
  5. “Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC U.S.) — 1.62%
  6. “Sex Life” (Netflix) — 1.59%
  7. “Lucifer” (Netflix) — 1.43%
  8. “Lupin” (Netflix) — 1.29%
  9. “Friends” (NBC) — 1.19%
  10. “The Seven Deadly Sins (MBS) — 1.04%

Source: TV Time

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