Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows of July 2021 on TV Time, Atypical and Never Have I Ever Dominate the Platform

TV Time, the popular television and movies tracking app has released its list for the most-binged TV shows of July 2021, and Never Have I Ever and Atypical have swept the start of the summer season with a combined total of 8.2% of the platform’s total binge sessions.

Never Have I Ever dethroned Elite which took over the first place from Lucifer with the release of its latest season last month.

The show amounted for a total of 4.2% of TV Time’s overall binge sessions for July even though it didn’t debut till the second week of the month, and was the most-binged show on the popular television tracking platform.

Never Have I Ever debuted with a binge proportion of 7.16% in its first week. The show recently got a third season renewal.


Atypical took the second spot with a total of 4% share of the binge-sessions, while Elite has now fallen to third place but is still holding strong with a binge share of 2.22%.

Popular veteran shows such as One Piece, Modern Family, and Grey’s Anatomy continue to be a huge success in streaming services all around the world as these three shows took the next three places respectively.

Netflix has continued its heavy domination across the list as two more of its recent debuts managed to successfully chart among the Top 10 with consistent worldwide success throughout July.

Outer Banks debuted with a 5.29% share of binges in the last week of July, while Virgin River had consistent follow-up weeks throughout the month which landed the show in the Top 10.


Meanwhile, Lucifer is still enjoying a stellar run as expected after its new batch of episodes dropped back in May, the show was the tenth most-binged show on the platform. Lucifer had a binge share of 0.8%.

You can check out the full list below.

TV Time also released a list for the Most Favorited Characters in the platform for July 2021, and Tom Hiddleston’s Loki has managed to take the crown for the second month in a row. Atypical’s Casey Gardner (Brigette Lundy-Paine) and Never Have I Ever’s Paxton (Darren Barnet) were the second and third most favorited characters amongst the TV Time community respectively.

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Most Popular TV Shows 2021 (July 2021), TV Time Binge Report:

  1. “Never Have I Ever” (Netflix) — 4.2%
  2. “Atypical” (Netflix) — 4%
  3. “Elite” (Netflix) — 2.22%
  4. “One Piece” (Fuji TV) — 1.86%
  5. “Modern Family” (ABC U.S.) — 1.6%
  6. “Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC U.S.) — 1.55%
  7. “Outer Banks” (Netflix) — 1.32%
  8. “Virgin River” (Netflix) — 1.16%
  9. “Friends” (NBC) — 1.07%
  10. “Lucifer” (Netflix) — 0.8%

Source: TV Time

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TV Time has 12 Million users on the platform and 1 million daily active users, the platform calculates a binge session as when a viewer watches four or more episodes of the same show within a given day, as tracked by the TV Time App.

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