Kyoto Animation announces KyoAni Music Festival for November, See Full Details

Kyoto Animation has announced the first half of its line-up for the anime studio’s upcoming first-ever music festival. The beloved anime studio also revealed a key visual for the event earlier today, which showcased and featured characters from its anime titles such as Haruka Nanase from Free!, Violet from Violet Evergarden, and Dragon Maid’s Tohru.

The event is a part of the fifth-anniversary edition of “Kyoto Animation Thanks Event.”

According to KyoAni, they have really been looking forward to this Live Music Event as in the past they have carried out various activities from time to time such as exhibitions, talks, movies, orchestra, and brass band concerts, but this is something that they are trying for the very first time.

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The event titled “KYOANI MUSIC FESTIVAL – Inspiration for the Future” will take place on Saturday, November 20, and Sunday, November 21 at 4:30 PM JST at ROHM Theatre in Kyoto.

KyoAni talked about choosing “Inspiration for the future” as their catchphrase and theme for the event as they revealed that through this event and theme they want to deliver more excitement through anime to the world and look forward to the future together with the fans.


The first day of the event will feature soundtracks from TsuruneSound! Euphonium, Free!, Tamako Market, Myriad Colors Phantom World, MUNTO, and Liz and the Blue Bird with artists such as LUCKLIFE, OLDCODEX,  TRUE, Homecomings, Mai AizawaSCREEN modeAya Suzaki, and more currently unannounced guests set to perform.

While the second day of the event is going to feature performances from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon MaidLove, Violet Evergarden, Chunibyo & Other Delusions, Beyond the Boundary, and MUNTO as artists Minori Chihara, fhánaAira YuukiZAQ will be performing alongside returning artists such as Mai Aizawa and TRUE.

Kyoto Animation has also promised some other major bands and singers for the event which are currently not announced.

KyoAni Music Festival: Tickets are now on Sale for Kyoto Animation’s Event.

The tickets for the upcoming event are now on sale and are currently available through lottery in two tiers.

The regular tier ticket costs 9,900 yen (around 90 US Dollars), while the Premium Commemorative goods tier tickets will cost you 18,700 yen (around 170 US Dollars). The latter will also include a set of canvas art designed tickets. You can buy the tickets for the event here.

The event will also feature a live stream version for international fans, further details regarding the live stream are expected soon.

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The Kyoto Animation Music Festival was announced back in May with a theme of “inspiration for the future” as a thank you to fans who have stuck by the studio over the past couple of years.

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