Jujutsu Kaisen Movie 0 Reveals Official PV and More

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Megumi Ogata will be voicing Yuta.

Ogata’s Comment on the movie, “Hello, I am Megumi Ogata , who has been appointed the role of Yuta this time. I was really surprised initially when I got the offer!
It was very sudden and especially since this series is such a popular topic everywhere here.

The original work that I read a while ago did make me quite confused but it was really interesting, and I have already read all the volumes, from volume 0 to the latest volume all at once, and then I watched all of the anime (laughs). I was really sad after I finished watching it though. 

Yuta is a very charming but complex character. I had been wondering about what kind of approach should I take…? Immediately afterwards, there was a preview from the recording, a “Special News”! 

We did have to make quite a challenging start, “expressing Yuta with just one word that has been given to me for the first time”, but somehow even in the midst of all the Corona situation, we were able to meet the main staff and reach a consensus.

Although since the start was quite difficult, I’m telling myself that I can calm down a little for the actual recording? I’m telling myself that at least(laughs). I would like to cherish the original image and create my own image of Yuta with all my heart and soul. See you at the cinemas on December 24th. Nice to meet you.”

Gege Akutami’s Comment, “Regarding Yuta, I originally had the image of someone “neutral, soft, kind, and someone with a large range of emotional fluctuations and moods.”

When it was decided that Megumi Ogata would play the role, I thought it would be perfect.”

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