Top 8 Horror Anime Movies to Watch for Halloween

From subtle, psychological tales of ghosts and spirits to nightmarish, blood-soaked spectacles of violence, Japanese horror contains everything. The world of anime has its own incredibly unique, mortifying and trippy horror stories.

For those who seek genuine scares, Junji Itō, often hailed as the King of Japanese Horror, needs no introduction. His unsettling tales subvert common horror tropes with bizarre twists, leaving readers and viewers both terrified and intrigued. Much like the legendary horror authors H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King, Itō’s works delve into the depths of human fear. “Uzumaki,” one of his most famous creations, unfolds in a small Japanese town where ordinary people grapple with an extraordinary obsession: the spiral. This twisted and grotesque tale ensnares the minds and bodies of the townsfolk, resulting in a surreal and spine-tingling edge-of-the-seat narrative.

Horror Anime Movies

But Itō is not the only master of horror, as the medium has given us plenty of great horror offerings throughout the years. As Halloween is fast approaching, today we are taking a look at the Top 8 finest spine-tingling, bloodcurdling, and must-watch horror anime movies of all time.

Top 8 Horror Anime Movies of All Time:


“Paprika” propels us into a near-future Japan where the revolutionary DC Mini device enables users to navigate their dreams and those of others. Satoshi Kon’s visionary work has been an inspiration to even the likes of Christopher Nolan and highlights the importance of celebrating the human imagination in two-dimensional animation. “Paprika” is a complex exploration of the boundary between dreams and reality, characterized by its unsettling and strange portrayal of dream logic and the depths of our darkest nightmares.


“Gyo” follows Kaori and her friends, fresh graduates celebrating their entry into adulthood with a vacation. As they revel in their newfound freedom, they are suddenly besieged by bizarre walking fish while staying in a beach house. What follows is a whirlwind of nightmarish events that push the boundaries of horror. If you are an anime or a horror fan, “Gyo” is a must-watch, fast-paced, unhinged body-horror gem that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

Hellsing Ultimate

In “Hellsing Ultimate,” we are thrust into a gothic horror classic steeped in gory steampunk madness. Hellsing, an organization dedicated to protecting humanity from malevolent forces, relies on its enigmatic leader, Integra, and her secret weapon – the vampire Alucard (Dracula in reverse). The series promises and delivers gratuitous violence, a hefty dose of badassery, and exploitative Christian imagery. It’s a thrilling ride that lives up to its promises.

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

“Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust” transports us to a world where vampires reign, and D, a dhampir (half-human, half-vampire), emerges as the perfect vampire hunter. This dark fantasy occult adventure, adapted for the big screen in 2000, presents a surreal dreamscape filled with wonder. The film’s enduring appeal, even more than two decades after its release, highlights its unique blend of storytelling, making it a standout in the realm of anime.


Perfect Blue

“Perfect Blue” is often hailed as one of the finest animated horror movies ever created. This psychological thriller shifts the focus from physical horrors, severed limbs, and jump scares to the intricacies of the human psyche. It delves into the brutal world of the entertainment industry and the sense of obsessive entitlement held by fandoms. In “Perfect Blue,” the lines between reality and illusion blur, casting an ominous veil over the screen, extinguishing any glimmer of faith or happiness. “Perfect Blue” deserves a spot on every must-watch (or re-watch) list for its unique and unsettling take on horror.

Wicked City

For those ready to tread into the darkest corners of horror, “Wicked City” is a sleek and brutal neo-noir experience. The film revels in demonic imagery, Freudian undertones, and the kind of erotic body horror synonymous with David Cronenberg. Drawing inspiration from sci-fi classics like “Blade Runner” and “Akira,” “Wicked City” blurs the line between the grotesque and the alluring.

Seoul Station

All you need to know about “Seoul Station” is that it serves as a prequel to “Train to Busan,” one of the most captivating, realistic and gripping zombie movies of all time. Beyond its visceral gore, “Seoul Station” also serves as a biting critique of how society treats its most vulnerable, proving that horror can be a powerful vehicle for social commentary.

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“Memories” is an anthology comprised of three distinct films, each exploring different genres and narratives. What ties them together is an eerie and unsettling atmosphere that permeates each story. The movie is a unique and memorable experience, with all three stories: “The Magnetic Rose,” “Stink Bomb,” and “Cannon Fodder,” each contributing to a tapestry of unsettling tales. From hauntingly beautiful visuals to dark humor and distinctive character designs, “Memories” offers viewers a diverse range of horror experiences.

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What’s your favorite Anime horror movie of all time? Happy Halloween.

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