Demon Slayer Season 2 Entertainment District Arc Review: ‘Please Take Care of Yourself’

“Set your heart ablaze” ~Kyojuro Rengoku, ‘Demon Slayer’

Skillfully heartfelt yet harrowing. With a gentle and steady pace shadowing the melancholy of the Mugen Train Arc, Demon Slayer stepped into its next chapter of evolution and harlotry with the Entertainment District Arc on the 5th of December, 2021.

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The premiere episode sketches a masterful mosaic of the portrait of desolation, illustrating the different ways with which each person staggered through the burning bridge of Rengoku’s death. The narrative faithfully mapping an inherently refined devotion to its plot and characters. We together witness a gradual descent of our cast into grief; wounded and bereaving. Tracing emotional scars and lingering physical bruises, this change left in its wake.

Demon Slayer Season 2: Entertainment District Arc: Fulfilling Rengoku’s Last Wish.

Surrendering the Mugen Train Arc a mindful closure with Tanjiro’s pursuance of Rengoku’s last wish of delivering heartfelt declarations to his family. It spurs us into an emotionally charged encounter stunningly wielded through audio-visual cues. Capturing an incredibly human yet startling interaction unfold between the family and Tanjiro. Rubbing salt into fresh wounds and uncoiling subtle revelations threaded to Hinokami Kagura for the story’s paced development. 

Advancing expertly, we are reintroduced to the severe stakes sewn into the story. Smacked with the disconcerting realization of the threat Muzan Kibutsuji truly is. While the Mugen Train arc built up an otherworldly persona around the Upper-Rank Three Demon, Akaza; his brief with Muzan reaffirmed the chasm of disparity that stood between Kibutsuji and even the seemingly best of the best. Emphasizing the endlessly long and thorny path that lay ahead Tanjiro. 


The second half of the episode set the trajectory for the Entertainment District Arc (also known as Yoshiwara Red-Light District Arc) with an attempt to sprinkle humour balancing the emotional whirlwind, only delivering a rare good punch in. Following the time-lapse of the trio’s four months long & arduous journey to recovery, the animation also frames some visually stunning shots of the profusely missed duo; Nezuko and Tanjiro, in action. 

Demon Slayer Season 2: Entertainment District Arc: Meeting the Sound Hashira.

After sealing together the loose ends from the Mugen Train Arc, we step into an eccentric adventure staged on the streets of the Entertainment District led by Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui in all his characteristic idiosyncrasy. Uzui introduces interesting potential curiosity revolving around the forthcoming character dynamics with his rather quirky & ‘flamboyant’ personality. Guiding the squad into another formidable venture, we shall witness them try to make out alive from.

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A passionate culmination of sincere dedication and earnest hardwork; the episode delivered Demon Slayer’s characteristic polished animation. With ridiculously beautiful & mindful attention to detail strung together with a heartwrenching music score, shaping a nuanced experience rooted to the genius it has built its name into.

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