Demon Slayer Season 2: Entertainment District Arc Premiere Scores 6.7 Million Viewers

With a gentle, and steady pace shadowing the melancholy of the Mugen Train Arc, Demon Slayer stepped into its next chapter of evolution and harlotry with the Entertainment District Arc on the 5th of December, 2021.

While Mugen Train Arc did frustrate the fans waiting for the next arc of the anime, the premiere of the Entertainment District Arc had been wildly anticipated by the fans for a long time and especially so in Japan where the anime has become quite the cultural phenomenon.

The much-awaited Season 2 premiere of Demon Slayer‘s Entertainment District Arc didn’t really disappoint, delivering a splendid hour of television.

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A passionate culmination of sincere dedication, and earnest hard work;  the episode delivered Demon Slayer’s characteristic polished animation and ridiculously beautiful & mindful attention to detail strung together with a heartwrenching music score, building a complete experience of the genius the anime has carved its name into. 

The anime also delivered in terms of racking up huge numbers for the broadcasters. Entertainment District Arc is off to a roaring start as the eighth episode of Demon Slayer Season 2 premiered with a rating of 9.2% among all households in Japan with 4.725 million households tuning into the episode.


Despite its late-night slot of 11:15 pm on a weeknight, the first introduction to the Entertainment District featuring the Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui, recorded 6.667 million viewers with an individual rating of 5.3%.

The second episode also held steady with a household rating of 8.7% (4.47 million households) and a viewership rating of 5.1% (6.415 million viewers).

With the premiere of the Entertainment District Arc, Demon Slayer Season 2 deftly ushers us into a faithful narrative, mapping an inherently refined devotion to its plot and characters. Where fans witness a gradual descent of our cast into grief; wounded, and bereaving. Tracing emotional scars and lingering physical bruises in wake of the ever-optimistic Flame Hashira Rengoku’s death.

The premiere sketches a masterful mosaic of this portrait of desolation illustrating the different ways with which each person staggered through the burning bridge this change depicted. Surrendering the arc a mindful closure with Tanjiro’s pursuance of Rengoku’s last wish of delivering heartfelt declarations to his family, leading us into an emotionally charged encounter.

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It should be noted that the most-watched episode of Demon Slayer Season 2 remains the anime original premiere centered around Rengoku. An estimated number of 5.136 million households tuned in to see Rengoku on their screens again this October as the episode scored a rating of 10% among all television households in Japan.

The season continued to see a decline in ratings after that with the first recap episode of the Mugen Train movie estimated to have been watched by 5.786 million viewers among 4.1 million households. 

The Demon Slayer: Mugen Train Arc averaged a rating of 6.7% households during its six-week run with 3.44 million TV households tuning into the anime every week.

It’s worth a note that the omnibus censored broadcast of Demon Slayer that airs in the primetime slot always brings more than twice the viewers of the initial broadcast.

The first broadcast for the Demon Slayer movie was in the primetime slot and recorded a 21.4% audience rating in Japan during its broadcast in September as it saw 10.992 million households tune in to it. The movie peaked at 22.9% during its broadcast as 11.762 million households were spending their Saturday night catching the movie’s broadcast.

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Source: Video Research Ltd, ANN.

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