Top 20 Best Selling Manga Series (October 2021), Tokyo Revengers Vs Jujutsu Kaisen

Tokyo Revengers has continued to be one of the biggest titles of all time for Kodansha as the series has managed to even surpass Jujutsu Kaisen in terms of manga sales in October despite Jujutsu Kaisen having a new volume released last month.

The Tokyo Revengers anime aired its last episode on September 17 and while the sales for the manga series have declined a bit since September, the series still continues to reign across the Oricon charts.

The Tokyo Revengers manga series saw a drop of 49% from its sales in September but still sold more than 1.9 million copies in October as it remained the Best-Selling Manga Series for the fourth month in a row.  This has brought the total of the series to more than 24 million copies in this fiscal year as it remains among the Top 3 Best-Selling Manga Series of 2021. It is noteworthy that the series had only sold 2.7 million copies in the first four months of the year but since has sold more than 20 million copies within the span of just five months.

Jujutsu Kaisen took the second spot with Volume 17 selling over 1.52 million copies bringing the series’ total for October to over 1.85 million copies.

Meanwhile, My Hero Academia is having its best year yet as the series has now sold over 6.8 million copies during this fiscal year with more than 1.04 million copies sold in October.

My Hero Academia Volume 32 sold 612,541 copies during its first four weeks of release. This is just slightly lower than its Volume 31, which holds the title for its best-selling volume yet within the first four weeks of release. My Hero Academia Volume 31 sold 634,347 copies in August with its release and has sold over 710,000 copies as of October 31. 

It should be noted that all the recent releases from Jump have sold less than expected because of a massive distribution issue in the first week of their release.

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With the first broadcast of Mugen Train on Japanese Television, the cultural phenomenon has also seen another huge boost in the sales of its backlogs which was only second to Tokyo Revengers in October. Demon Slayer sold over 1.01 million copies and has seen a rise of 96% in sales as compared to the previous month. The series ranked 4th in Oricon Top 20 for October. 

The latest volume of March Comes in Like a Lion sold 444,737 copies in October as the series place 5th on the list selling over 539,000 copies. With how well the manga has continued to do in Japan, we can only hope that we will soon get the announcement for a third season of the anime. 

Meanwhile, Detective Conan recently released its milestone 100th volume of the manga series which has sold 408,040 copies in its first two weeks of release. Detective Conan is one of the very few mangas to have reached this monumental milestone, the series ranked 6th in Oricon Top 20 for October.

Blue Lock has once again managed to break into the Top 10 with the release of Volume 16. The latest volume for the series has sold 123,333 copies in 19 days. While the series has managed to keep the momentum that it got from the announcement of the anime adaptation going as the series sold over 343,000 copies and placed 8th in Oricon’s monthly rankings.


The first half of the list also includes fan-favorite rom-com series, Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku. The series released its final volume last month which sold a whopping 249,935 copies within just 18 days.

Black Butler was the final entry in the Top 10 with the release of its Volume 31 which sold 299,899 copies.

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Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun is another successful manga that we have been patiently waiting to see get a second season. The series ranked 11th in last month’s monthly Oricon Charts as the manga’s 16th volume sold 214,487 copies.

And Mashle was 15th on the list with its Volume 8 selling 135,317 copies in its first four weeks of release.

The bottom half of the list also sees the inclusion of Blue Period and Komi Can’t Communicate. Both of these titles have gotten a huge boost in the sales of their backlogs with their latest anime adaptation which is airing during this fall season.

Blue Period sold 267,536 copies in October while Komi Can’t Communicate sold 194,203 copies.

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Shueisha took only 8 spots out of the 20 this month while Kodansha and Square Enix had their hands on 3 as Kodansha continues to hold the first spot.

Top 20 Best-Selling Manga Series of October 2021:

  1. Tokyo Revengers; 1,995,888
  2. Jujutsu Kaisen; 1,853,337
  3. My Hero Academia; 1,041,974
  4. Demon Slayer; 1,012,995
  5. March Comes in Like a Lion; 539,905
  6. Detective Conan; 457,655
  7. My Happy Marriage; 344,957
  8. Blue Lock; 343,903
  9. Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku; 324,730
  10. Black Butler; 309,923
  11. Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun: 285,126
  12. Blue Period; 267,536
  13. One Piece; 224,792
  14. Record of Ragnarok; 216,547
  15. Mashle; 207,029
  16. The Five Star Stories; 204,547
  17. Komi Can’t Communicate; 194,203
  18. Black Clover; 185,446
  19. Haikyuu!!; 184,769
  20. My Love Mix-Up!; 167,403.

Source: Oricon Charts

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