Attack on Titan Manga is now among the Top 10 Best-Selling Manga of All Time

It is truly a testament to its enduring popularity that the globally acclaimed manga series “Attack on Titan” has now surpassed over 140 million copies in circulation around the world and is now among the Top 10 Best-Selling Manga of All Time. 

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It has been almost three years since the final volume of the series came out in Japan. And last year, even the anime came to an end after a remarkable and epic ten-year-long run.

The Attack on Titan Manga has over 140 million copies in circulation worldwide.

Attack on Titan Manga Circulation

The official Twitter account for Attack on Titan: Fly revealed the sales number in a post, writing, “We looked at the cumulative circulation of AOT manga worldwide. It has sold over 140 million copies! Thank you for your support!”

Notably, creator Hajime Isayama has recently revealed plans that he is working on an exclusive artbook titled “Attack on Titan: Fly” or “Shingeki Fly.” Spanning 200 pages, this special art book will feature high-quality illustrations and will be available through made-to-order only. The art book promises an immersive experience for the fans and will additionally include an 18-page manga by Isayama entitled “Bad Boy,” revolving around Levi, set to debut in the 35th volume. 

Complementing the visual feast, fans can also anticipate extras such as Mikasa’s scarf, Eren’s key, and other thematic items.

Taking a glance at the list of the Top 10 Best-Selling Manga of All Time, which you can also check out below, the kind of popularity and fame Attack on Titan has garnered over the last decade or so is quite extraordinary.

It is the 10th Best-Selling Manga of All Time, leaving behind the likes of “Oishinbo,” a culinary manga series with 135 million copies in circulation, Tite Kubo’s “Bleach” with 130 million, and Hirohiko Araki’s “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” which has 120 million copies in circulation. It is also the Second Best-Selling Manga of the 21st Century, only behind Demon Slayer, which has over 150 million copies in circulation. The impact of Attack on Titan has surely been colossal, and the series, through time, has solidified its place among the greatest and most iconic manga in history.

Here is a list of the Best-Selling Manga of All Time, along with their number of copies in circulation as of their last official release:

  1. One Piece: 516.6 million
  2. Golgo 13: 300 million
  3. Detective Conan: 270 million
  4. Dragon Ball: 260 million
  5. Doraemon: 250 million
  6. Naruto: 250 million
  7. Slam Dunk: 170 million
  8. KochiKame: 156.6 million
  9. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: 150 million
  10. Attack on Titan: 140 million.

The series still continues to captivate new audiences, and even the old fans are certainly excited for the forthcoming exclusive art book and the additional content that signals an exciting chapter in the saga of “Attack on Titan.”

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You can read Attack on Titan on Kodansha’s website or purchase the physical volumes from Amazon.

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