The Boys Leaker Vought HQ Accuses Antony Starr of Abusive Behavior on Set and Bullying

The Boys leaker Vought HQ recently took to their Instagram to voice their frustrations regarding the on-set behaviour of Homelander’s actor, Antony Starr, accusing him of being very inappropriate with the female guest stars and “relentlessly bullying” Dominique McElligott, who played Queen Maeve in the first three seasons of the show.

The Boys' Antony Starr Accused of Abusive Behavior on Set and Bullying

While asked on an Instagram Q&A about the bullying on set and one of the cast members leaving the show, they further elaborated that someone from the costume crew had told them that Antony Starr bullied Dominique McElligott to the point that she left the industry and because of him, she would even fly back home instead of being with the cast, calling him a bully and a sexist.

Their contact in the costumes is not the only person that backs up this story, according to Vought HQ, a former actor from the show has also “regularly told them” that Starr bullied Dominique relentlessly and would be very inappropriate towards the female guest stars.

They have, however, refused to reveal the identity of their sources, noting “it’s not fair to reveal them without their permission.”

The allegations of Antony Starr’s toxic behavior on set comes two years after the The Boys actor assaulted a young chef while intoxicated at a pub in Alicante. The 21-year-old chef was reportedly punched twice by Starr and was taken to a hospital where they received four stitches above their eyes. Starr publicly spoke up about what happened a few months later in 2022, describing the incident as a ‘personal issue’, he said: ‘You mess up. You own it. You learn from it. You move forward.’

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Amazon Prime’s hit superhero show The Boys is currently airing its fourth season and has been constantly on headlines every week, with Starr’s brilliant performance as Homelander taking all the spotlight.

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