[POLL] Best Big Bad of the Arrowverse Feat. Deathstroke, Zoom, and Reverse Flash

While Arrowverse hasn’t had a menacingly spectacular Big Bad in recent times. Throughout the superhero saga’s 9 years worth of history and stories, we have gotten some of the best portrayals of comic-book villains in live-action because of these shows.

Whether it be both Tom Cavanaugh and Matt Letscher’s mind-blowing turn as Reverse-Flash. Or Teddy Sears scaring the crap out of everyone and dealing Barry a fatal blow as Zoom in The Flash.

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And obviously, talking about a fatal blow, how can we not mention Deathstroke in Arrow as Manu Benett hammered and stole every single scene he was in and brought Slade Wilson to life. And aside from Deathstroke in Arrow, the show also gave us Josh Segarra’s intensely insane performance as Prometheus and John Barrowman’s charming take on Malcolm Merlin aka the Dark Archer.

It really feels like a thing of distant reality now, but we have had some truly amazing villains as well as equally compeling storylines in the earlier days of Arrowverse. Even Supergirl had its that remarkable villain counterpart as Reign in Season 3 of the show.

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And Legends of Tomorrow featured its fun version of Damien Darhk and an even more fantabulous and quirkier Legion of Doom.

The heroes of Arrowverse have certainly gone head-to-head with some formidable and enjoyable Big Bads in the early days. And, however the shows have progressed, at least that will always be a fun memory of this shared superhero universe.

Today, we have picked out our 10 favorite Big Bads from the past and we ask you to choose your favorite among them all.

Vote Below to let us know if your favorite Arrowverse Big Bad is Deathstroke in Arrow or Zoom from The Flash or anybody else.

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