We Are One, One Piece Special Project for Volume 100 will be released on August 30

ONE PIECE will release WE ARE ONE, a collection of five short dramas starring different ONE PIECE readers. These shorts are directed by Mika Ninagawa and feature a theme song by RADWIMPS.

The theme song and teaser video of WE ARE ONE will be unveiled on the official RADWIMPS YouTube channel at 21:00 JST.

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This collection of stories will ‘feature the charm of ONE PIECE from a new perspective’, mixing live-action shots and animation parts by Toei Animation. The popular actor Kengo Kora will also be appearing.

ONE PIECE’s WE ARE ONE will be fully released from August 30th onward on ONE PIECE’s Official YouTube channel.

The teaser and theme song of this campaign will be released in 21 hours on RADWIMPS YouTube channel.

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