Top 10 Most Popular Anime in the World, Attack on Titan vs One Piece

Attack on Titan is the Most Popular Anime in the world according to TV Time. See the full list.

Anime might not be mainstream just yet, but the global demand and popularity for this particular piece of media have skyrocketed ever since the pandemic.

Back in 2020, Netflix stated that more than 100 million households around the world had watched at least one anime title in the first nine months of 2020, which was a whopping 50% increase from 2019. The premiere of Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 1 in 2021 saw a never before seen hype from an anime on social media platforms. The series was trending above every other ongoing show for the entirety of its run on Twitter and completely dominated the talk of the television landscape for the first three months of the year.

Attack on Titan crashed just about every anime streaming service with the premiere of Season 4, and the series was also named the Most In-Demand TV Series Globally of 2021 in Parrot Analytics’s Global TV Demand Awards this year. And it is not just Attack on Titan that has caught the eyes of the mainstream audience. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Train became the highest-grossing anime movie in the US following its release in April 2021. Jujutsu Kaisen was also a humongous hit and was even named the Most-Tweeted Scripted TV Show of 2021 around the world.

Anime is only getting more popular and more mainstream every day. Today, we are taking a look at the list of the Top 10 Most Popular Anime Globally on the popular television tracking platform, TV Time.

TV Time is the world’s premiere tracking platform for Movies and TV Shows. The app has over 12 Million users on its platform, and over a million people track television and engage in its community every day.

Most Popular Anime in the World: Attack on Titan tops the list.

Most Popular Anime of All Time in the World: Attack on Titan Season 4

1. Attack On Titan; 1,669,787 Followers

Attack on Titan unsurprisingly came on top with over 1.66 million followers on TV Time. The series has been one of the biggest and most notable anime franchises of the past decade around the world and has played a pivotal role in establishing the medium in mainstream media globally.

The anime aired its first episode back in 2013 and quickly became a global phenomenon. Attack on Titan wasn’t just a huge hit among anime fans but was also insanely popular among the general TV-viewing audience, a huge chunk of whom had never even seen an anime beforehand. Attack on Titan was a gateway for many people to get into anime.

Nine years since the anime premiered, the hype surrounding the series still remains colossal. And even though the hype dwindled a bit after the conclusion of the manga, the series still remains the Most Popular Anime of the modern age. 

2. ONE PIECE; 1,327,122 Followers

Earning an anime adaptation in 1999, within two years of its manga serialization in 1997, One Piece remains one of the longest-running anime series of the era. 

After almost 25 years since its debut, One Piece remains one of the most beloved works of fiction to ever exist. The manga has over 490 million copies in circulation and is the Best-Selling Manga Series of All Time worldwide. Meanwhile, the anime still continues to be insanely popular (huge credits to Toei Animation for delivering just about every week) and has kept on reeling in new fans with it.

Oda and Toei have taken millions into an adventure of a lifetime with Luffy and the gang. So many of us have grown up with the series and continue to passionately stick with the manga or the anime to see the adventures of the Straw Hats every week. 

One Piece is a deep dive into a sea of emotions as Oda’s masterful writing has everything one can ask for in a Shonen, whether if its jaw-dropping twists and stellar character development or be it warm and gentle humour and gut-wrenching cries. One Piece takes you on an evergreen adventure brimming with pure wonder.

The story of the Straw Hat Pirates will go down as timeless in the history books.

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3. My Hero Academia; 1,171,925 Followers

My Hero Academia premiered in 2016 when superhero movies were starting to become the most sought out content from the mass, with the likes of Captain America: Civil War and Deadpool becoming one of the biggest blockbusters of recent times.

My Hero Academia managed to capitalize on the same hype as it quickly rose to popularity in the west. With its clever blend of colourful superhero high-school setting and the traditional shonen hype and action-fest, the series appealed to people of various ages and demographic around the world. Add that to the fact that the series features a huge and attractive cast of characters, which went on to inspire gazillions of fan fiction; this anime was in a league of its own during its initial seasons.

The series transports its audience into a world where superpowers are the new ordinary and becoming a hero is a mere matter of will and choice and follows the story of Izuku Midoriya, who despite being quirkless wants to follow in the footsteps of his champion & role model, All Might, and become a hero who saves everyone.

4. One-Punch Man; 1,080,935 Followers

One-Punch Man instantly blew up when the series premiered in 2015. The first season had everything the west and the world love; superheroes, spectacular action sequences, a likeable set of characters and humour to perfectly go on top of it all.


The series was simple to follow and yet a real spectacle to watch. And it probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that One-Punch Man is one of the most popular and mainstream anime in the world. 

5. Death Note; 944,382 Followers

Going a whole generation back from My Hero Academia, back in the day, Death Note was probably the anime that hooked many into the medium. With just 37 short episodes set in a backdrop of some of the most thrilling and intriguing pieces of cat and mouse extravaganza, Death Note is a truly remarkable watch and is an anime that has had a huge impact on how the medium is perceived amongst the mainstream audience.

The series features two of the greatest anime characters ever and is one of the most addictive anime out there.

You can see the complete list below.


Top 10 Most-Popular Anime in the World (along with the number of followers they have on TV Time):


  1. Attack on Titan: 1,669,787
  2. One Piece; 1,327,122
  3. My Hero Academia; 1,171,925
  4. One-Punch Man; 1,080,935
  5. Death Note; 944,382
  6. Naruto Shippuden; 917,783
  7. The Seven Deadly Sins; 816,300
  8. Naruto; 808,600
  9. Boruto; 798,700
  10. Demon Slayer; 795,500.

Source: Wikipedia, TV Time.

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