Which Manga Series is More Popular: Dragon Ball Super vs Boruto


In the world of anime and manga, two titles share the burden of a legacy of magnanimous proportions; each carries the weight of a legendary predecessor. Dragon Ball Super, the continuation of the iconic Dragon Ball series, and Boruto, the sequel to the widely acclaimed Naruto series, have both been hugely popular titles.

Today, we are analyzing their impact and popularity as we pit them against one another to find out which manga has been the most popular one among the two, based on the sales data we have at our disposal. In this article, we’ll delve into the sales data for the first 15 volumes of each series, exploring the nuances of their journey.

Dragon Ball Super vs Bortuo (Volume to Volume Comparison):

VolumeDragon Ball Super SalesBoruto Sales

Initial Debut and Impact:

Dragon Ball Super started modestly, selling 40,000 copies of its first volume, gradually building momentum and peaking at 275,000 copies for its fifth volume. On the other hand, Boruto was serialized in the powerhouse Shonen Jump for its first three years and enjoyed an incredible amount of success, outdoing Dragon Ball by a huge margin for its first three volumes. Boruto Volume 1 still remains the best-selling entry in the series, selling a whopping 360,000 copies with its first volume.

Dragon Ball Super vs Boruto Manga Sales Showdown

Boruto’s explosive start can be attributed to the series being a direct successor of the original manga and not having much time passed between the original series and the sequel. Being serialized in Shonen Jump, the largest and most-read manga magazine, also undoubtedly played a significant role in propelling Boruto’s early success.

The Shifting Landscape (Consistency vs. Peaks):

Dragon Ball Super, despite not enjoying the Shonen Jump platform, held its ground with consistent and commendable sales figures, showcasing the enduring popularity of the Dragon Ball franchise, whereas Boruto dropped in sales significantly with every new volume. 


The dynamics took an interesting turn when Boruto shifted from Shonen Jump to V Jump around its eighth volume in 2019. Since then, the series has barely ever managed to sell over 150,000 copies. 

While Boruto manga still maintains a robust and respectable performance, it has never quite managed to get anywhere near the popularity it enjoyed during its early years.

Meanwhile, Dragon Ball Super has always been serialized in V Jump, and its sales trajectory is rather characterized by consistency, maintaining a solid performance throughout the first 15 volumes. 

Fan Engagement and Longevity:

Beyond the numbers, the consistent sales of Dragon Ball Super also suggest a sustained engagement with the series, with fans eagerly following each volume. Boruto, having faced the challenge of living up to Naruto’s legacy, has witnessed fluctuations. It experienced peaks and valleys, hitting its highest point early on but gradually seeing a decline, a pattern which is indicative of the initial hype surrounding Boruto and the challenge it faced later on. While it started with a bang, maintaining that level of excitement has proved to be a formidable task, and it just hasn’t managed to pique people’s interest over time or with consistency.

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Dragon Ball Super’s steady performance demonstrates the enduring appeal of the Dragon Ball universe. On the other hand, Boruto, with its explosive start and subsequent shifts in serialization, highlights the challenges and dynamics of building upon an iconic predecessor.

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As the current data suggests, the Dragon Ball Super manga remains the more popular and well-liked one out of the two in Japan.

Source: Josu_ke, and Oricon.

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