7 tips to catch you up on Splitgate

Splitgate is a multiplayer FPS (first-person shooter) video game. It’s free to play and available on different gaming gadgets, including Microsoft Windows and Linux. The game is more like a Halo-driven sci-fi battle in arenas, allowing players to create portals between two or more points for fast travel and spy attacks.

7 tips to catch you up on Splitgate

The game joined the FPS genre three years ago. That’s why it can be tricky for many unfamiliar with the gameplay to win. So, we want to share a few tips to catch you up on Splitgame. Also, if you’re new to Splitgate or want to improve your skills in the game, we’ve got some authentic Splitgate hacks too.

But first, let’s look at some pro tips below.

Splitgate Tips To Boost Your Play

  • Create Triple Portals

Normally, you’ll always have just two portals in Splitgate. But, creating a third portal allows you to travel faster through the portals efficiently. Instead of just going through Portal A to B, you now go from A to B to C. It doubles your travel distance and lets you get the drop on opponents even quicker.

Furthermore, triple portaling can save your life. For instance, if you’re stuck in a sticky situation without any possible escape route, create triple portals. It can help you get to your heels faster and juke the enemy players by surprise.

To create triple portals, simply create your first two portals like you normally do. Then, walk through your first portal (which could be yellow or purple) and drop to the next portal. Remember, the portal you walk through will be used to create another one. 

  • Try Pixel Walking

This tip works hand in hand with triple portaling as sometimes, you’re not always on the ground while triple portaling. Sometimes you’d walk through the portal onto a high ledge or building with a steep drop below. You don’t want to fall into multiple opponents or lose a railgun to the dome.

Portals possess a petite ledge you can walk across on the two sides. Walking across the small ledge is called pixel walking. You have a very small space to walk out on the other side of the portal, meaning you can still triple the portal from high places without falling off the ledge. This is very useful on maps like Oasis and many others in Splitgate.

  • Always Close Your Portals

Leaving your portals open can endanger your life, as enemy players can easily shoot at you through them. For this reason, always close your portals whenever you’re not using them. You don’t want enemies to follow and shoot you in the back. 

You can customize the portal closure button on your game controller to make closing them easy on the go. 

  • Block Portals Whenever Possible

Once you create portals, nothing can override them except grenades from enemy players. So, wherever you are, develop portals anywhere you think an enemy could create one. It makes them unable to portal and easier to eliminate. 

You can block enemy portals so that none of them can reach you. By doing so, they’ll run straight into your shots. Beware of grenades thrown by enemy players, as they can swiftly override your portal blocking and attack before you know it.

  • Aim in with Your Sniper

If you’re coming from Apex Legends or Call of Duty, you must have witnessed the importance of scope. In Splitgate, aiming in makes your bullet bigger. It’ll be the same size on your screen, not minding if you’re scoped in or not. So if the bullet increases in size, you have a much bigger chance of easily hitting opponents.

The sniper’s zoom can scope long distances and make it easier to hit enemy bodies or give them headshots. You don’t even need a hard scope. A quick scope or aiming for a split second with your sniper can provide you with what you need.

  • Equip with Power Weapons

Everyone starts with an AR, a carbine, a Pistol, a Ranked, etc. You can find power weapons scattered over every map, which is ideal. They include the Plasma rifle, railgun, battle rifle, rocket launcher, SMG, Shotgun, BFB, and Sniper.

These weapons are preferable to regular ones. For instance, at long range, the railgun can launch a shot at its target from anywhere. 

  • Go for races and training.

Playing Races and Training is one of the best ways to catch up on Splitgate. On the right side of the Menu, you should see the “Training” tab. In that tab, you’ll see three practice options. So, you’ll choose whether to race against the clock, practice range or play tutorials.

 Doing these will help you learn the ropes in Splitgate and make the most of your gameplay.


If you want to become better at Splitgate, you need to adopt these tips. Create triple portals; pixel walk through them, close them when not used, and use powerful weapons. 

More importantly, go for races and training. It goes a long way in improving your skills.

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