Sony’s Morbius: Michael Keaton Confirms Return as The Vulture

Nobody is quite doing it like Michael Keaton. The veteran actor who is slated to return as Batman in the upcoming DC film, The Flash, has now further confirmed that he is currently filming something as The Vulture for an upcoming Marvel project.

During his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, the actor confirmed that he is currently shooting some scenes as the beloved Spider-Man villain for an upcoming Marvel project. 

Although he didn’t specifically point out which project he is talking about, it could only be assumed that it is most likely a reshoot for Morbius. And if it is not the case, then it is most likely a future project that we haven’t heard about.

The actor who last appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017 has also appeared in the trailers for Sony’s upcoming Morbius movie starring Jared Leto, Matt Smith, and Tyrese Gibson.

The Birdman actor also shared some funny tidbits from his time at the MCU as he joked about how he doesn’t understand the complex mythology and continuity of the MCU at all and despite the production staff trying to bring him up to speed, he still understands nothing.

He told Jimmy Kimmel that he will be shooting Vulture stuff the very next day of the taping of his Kimmel episode. When Kimmel tried to go into specifics of what exactly he is filming, Keaton just replied with “Vulture stuff.” You can check out the interview below.

Michael Keaton on Returning as Batman, Grandson’s Spider-Man Obsession & Fishing with Jimmy Kimmel

There have also been rumors that Michael Keaton’s Vulture might just be the sixth and final member of the upcoming Sinister Six in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Although, it is all just speculation at this point considering the sixth villain might as well be Mysterio or even Venom.

But what do you think Michael Keaton is currently filming as The Vulture? Comment below and let us know.

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