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-Best Anime Airing This Season-
“Frieren’s soothing and charming world alongside its exploration of death, time, and the value of human experiences, instantly strike a chord.”
-Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End
“Dr. Stone has just completely grown into this wonderfully humane and exciting story about the revival of humanity. One of Jump’s best.”
-Dr. Stone: New World
“We are fortunate to be witnessing two phenomenal fantasy anime this season.”
-The Eminence in Shadow Season 2

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-Memorable Anime Quotes-

“Is it wrong not to be special? I don’t think that way. When it comes to my child… it’s fine if he’s never great . He doesn’t have to be better than anyone. After all, just look at him. He’s so cute! He’s already special. Because he was … born into this world.”

Carla Jaegar, Attack on Titan


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