Elite Most Popular TV Shows June 2021

Elite, Lupin and 8 Most Popular TV Shows 2021 on TV Time (June 2021)

TV Time, the popular television and movies tracking app has released its list for the most-binged shows of June 2021, and Elite has dethroned Lucifer ...
Deathstroke in Arrow, Best Big Bad Arrowverse Villain Ranked

[POLL] Best Big Bad of the Arrowverse Feat. Deathstroke, Zoom, and Reverse Flash

While Arrowverse hasn't had a menacingly spectacular Big Bad in recent times. Throughout the superhero saga's 9 years worth of history and stories, we have ...
The Flash Ratings, The Flash Season 8

The Flash Ratings Hits Viewers High of 10 Weeks Amidst the Imminent Godspeed Arrival

The Flash Season 7  has been a pretty rocky journey. After the series hit ratings low of 641,000 viewers with an incredibly low demo of ...
Best Superhero TV Show, Loki

[POLL: Best Superhero TV Show of 2021] Superman and Lois and My Hero Academia Fight for the Top while Loki struggles

We are almost done with the first half of the year and we have seen some truly fantastic superhero and comic-book TV shows throughout the ...
5 reasons why Batman Begins is so good

[POLL] Batman Begins 16th Anniversary: What’s the Best Live-Action Film Featuring Batman?

Batman Begins is a pillar among Superhero Movies and is also one of the Best Films of the genre. It has now officially been more ...