Eesha Sharma, Editor, TV Fandom Lounge, Anime, Manga.

Eesha Sharma, Editor.

Art holds art tenderly, dancing to a symphony. Masterpieces.

Hello there stranger, people call me by the name ‘Eesha Sharma’, with a slight stress on the pronunciation of the ‘Ee-’ in my first name, like hammering the chords of its chorus into the empty air.

I could go down the traditional and familiar path while introducing you to this person beyond the screen, but frankly, it would feel too empty and lifeless to tell you what accomplishments I have earned so far or how I make a living. Insights like these do not define the fingers that bleed onto the keys while writing.

In this space, I chase to paint feelings with words. A sweet release for my craving to share personal tastes, perspectives, and completely random thoughts that clutch my mind at odd hours about things I like. Inspiration clawing at the edges, desperate to spill. Movies, shows, interpretations, recommendations. I am an attempt at words moulding themselves into emotions sharing unity in our interests.

However, all along, behind everything, I am a person endeavouring to make ripples in the ocean, holding tangled faith for all to combine and rise a wave strong enough to make you feel just a bit more alive about the world we witness.

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