Hunter x Hunter Manga Makes its Big Return with Insane Sales

By Dharmesh Sahu

November 25, 2022

After a four-year-long wait, the Hunter x Hunter manga has finally returned from its longest hiatus ever.

The Hunter x Hunter manga returned with Chapter 391 last month and is now releasing new chapters every week on Shueisha's Shonen Jump.

The series continues from where it left off, and we are finally further exploring the Succession Contest Arc.

The previously released chapters not collected into the tankobon volume format have now also been released as Volume 37 of the series. 

Hunter x Hunter has made a triumphant comeback and Volume 37  has sold over 721,000 copies in just three weeks.

Despite being on hiatus for four years, with the previous volume of the series being released back in October 2018, Volume 37 sold over 533,000 copies in its debut weekend.

Hunter x Hunter is currently the Second Best-Selling Manga of the month and has already outperformed the likes of My Hero Academia and Chainsaw Man's latest release.

With how much of an instant success it has been, you would not even probably believe that this manga was ever gone.

One Piece has been the Best-Selling Manga of the Month with the release of Volume 104 of the series, which has sold over 1.6 million copies in three weeks.

Hopefully, with the mega-successful return of the manga, we may soon also see the return of the Hunter x Hunter anime.