Write For Us: Top 15 Best TV Shows of 2019
2019 saw some of the best and most quality television
across streaming services, and both cable and network television.
There is simply not enough time to watch all of them. So with the
year coming to a close, we are listing 15 of our very favorite shows
from 2019 that you all should definitely give a go.
The End of the fucking world season 2
15. The End of the F**king World.
"Dark, Hilarious, and Character Driven."
True Detective Season 3
14. True Detective,
Gripping, Heart-Wrenching Thriller,
Accompanied by Ali's Mesmerizing Performance.
The Witcher
13. The Witcher
Pure, Raw, and Action-Packed Fantasy.
The Boys
12. The Boys,
Dark, Violent, and a Brand
New Take on the Genre.
The Morning Show
11. The Morning Show,
Self Aware, Realistic, and So Well-Acted.
Barry Season 2
10. Barry,
Bill Hader is Phenomenal.
9. Cobra Kai,
Nostalgic, Character-Driven, and Action-Packed
The Mandalorian
8. The Mandalorian,
Best Star Wars in a Long Time.
The Good Place Season 4
7. The Good Place,
The Definition of Wholesome.
Brooklyn Nine Nine seaspn 6
6. Brooklyn Nine-Nine,
Just As Good But With Blips And Blurs Now.
The Magicians Season 4
5. The Magicians,
Mind-Bending, Shocking, and Heartbreaking.
Mindhunter Season 2
Deeper, Darker, and Sensational.
Arrow Season 8
3. Arrow,
The Perfect Homage To
The Show That Started It All.
Dark Season 2
2. Dark,
Insane, Powerful, and A Perfect Masterpiece.
Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2
1. Attack on Titan,
The One For The History Books.
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